Design Practice and Opportunity of Office Collaboration in the Digital Era
  • Martilo Huang Martilo Huang Huawei Design Director of Digital Office

    Martilo takes charge of UX innovation and XA accumulation of Huawei office collaboration products. He possesses 16-year UX experience and abundant product design practices in Huawei operations, IoT/IoV, smart city/campus/transportation/security protection, and digital office. By exploring the connections among users, technologies, and business, he leverages related resources to define UX competitiveness of Huawei products, resolving user problems and achieving business success.

    Design ethos: Design helps technologies better benefit humans and bridge the gap between humans and technology.

Design Practice and Opportunity of Office Collaboration in the Digital Era

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Time 11/18 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

Under the influence of the global epidemic and the Internet development, working remotely has become a new form of office. As the digital foundation of new infrastructure, the 5G technologies will drive the upgrade of five industries, namely, connectivity, AI, cloud, computing, and industry applications, bringing new momentum to economic development.

Based on technologies such as 5G, AI, cloud, computing, and audio and video, Huawei smart office solution empowers office digital transformation by combining hardware software, and office environment. Products such as smart collaboration, cloud meeting, office platforms, and smart classrooms, meet the collaboration requirements of students and professionals, providing comprehensive solutions for consumers' work and learning. OS provides distributed capabilities to efficiently transfer work information based on the collaboration requirements, achieving all-scenario synergy across regions and devices.

In this workshop, the speaker will share with you how design plays its role in the value chain, explore the new work paradigm based on the OS office collaboration framework and software-hardware design models in various corporate situations and cultures, and help you quickly understand the end-to-end design of office collaboration products.

This workshop focuses on the following topics:
1. Office collaboration experience in the digital era
1.1 New office collaboration scenario exploration and trend
1.2 Intuitive man-machine interaction experience of software-hardware synergy products
1.3 Exploration on the value chain of information transfer in OS office collaboration
Case 1: Human factor research application in the design of software-hardware synergy touchscreens

2. New meeting experience based on persona scenario
2.1 People-event-object-environment setting: Pain points and opportunities of high-value users
2.2 Scenario design practice: Cloud meeting design in the digital era
Case 1: Team-centered design keys
Case 2: Efficiency improvement through concurrent tasks
Case 3: Intelligent experience through in-depth communication

3. Qualitative and quantitative metrics system
3.1 Scientific metrics establishment
3.2 Definition of the metrics model for the videoconferencing industry
3.3 Application of metrics in UX optimization

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: Design-driven innovation based on scenarios
2、Theoretical methods: Mastering new design methods through UX model adaptation on products
3、Case analysis: based scenario mining (OS distributed software-hardware synergy scenario)
4、Practice interaction: Exploring UX design opportunities in software-hardware synergy scenarios based on the OS distributed collaboration capability.
5、Open Q&A
6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、ToB UX designer, full-link designer, and UI designer
2、ToB product manager and product designer
3、Design manager and design director
4、People interested in office digital transformation

Participants Benefit

1、Provide new cases, ideas, and methods for business product design.
2、Learn about the comprehensive thinking mode based on scenarios to truly realize user value.
3、Experience a full-scenario design and update your cognitive knowledge.

Work Case
  • Application of human factors research
  • Index driven experience improvement
  • Application of experience model
  • Smart office design trend
  • Experience design based on intuition
  • Huawei cloud conference service
  • Product commercial release
Guess You Like
  • Application of human factors research 17
  • Index driven experience improvement 27
  • Application of experience model 37
  • Smart office design trend 47
  • Experience design based on intuition 57
  • Huawei cloud conference service 67
  • Product commercial release 77
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