New Human Machine Experience Design for AI Era
  • Meng Xu Meng Xu Baidu User Experience Team Leader of Technical Center

    He joined Baidu in 2010 and is now the head of user experience team and senior design manager of Baidu technology. He has been responsible for the experience design of a series of important products such as Baidu mobile browser, Baidu mobile assistant, Baidu takeaway, Baidu map, Baidu input method, Baidu translation, Ruliu, etc.

    TPUE is the design team of Baidu AIG system, which is committed to let people enjoy the beauty of technology through design. As the core role of TPUE, it works closely with AI technology teams, outputs technical value to users and industries, and forms perceptible service design. Lead the team to stand in the historical window of AI era and observe the current technology and experience design from the perspective of design. In the AI era, the perceptible service design of AI technology is practiced through the design model of feeling communication connection.

    Since January 2020, he has led TPUE as the design main body of the front-end service experience of epidemic maps. During the epidemic period, we have provided a series of epidemic map services for the collaborative map products and technology teams and individuals and governments. More than ten COVID-19 maps have been designed and accumulated over 2 billion 240 million times. It has been included in a number of government and industry epidemic research reports such as "Research Report on data and intelligent application in epidemic prevention and control" of China Academy of information technology.

    Baidu is committed to becoming the world's top high-tech company that understands users best and helps people grow. In his 15 years of design experience, Meng Xu has realized this vision through practical innovation across the Internet, AI technology, service design and other fields. Lead AIG C-end experience design, including Baidu map, Baidu translation, Baidu input method and other domestic first-line products, comprehensively upgrade from traditional Internet tool experience to AI enabled intelligent service, and set an industry benchmark. From the research of AI experience design to the full application of AI experience productization, as a direct core designer and Design Manager, they have made a breakthrough contribution.

New Human Machine Experience Design for AI Era

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Time 11/19 14:00-18:00
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Content Introduction

With the development of artificial intelligence technology and redefining the real life we understand, we are in the evolution of intelligent society of all things. Nowadays, AI is used by almost all applications. The development of technology is revolutionizing the way of human machine interaction, and the relationship between human and machine is changing quietly.

Artificial intelligence is a life-like system, which can be learned from a large number of human knowledge, systematic scale learning, purposeful reasoning and interaction with human nature. Therefore, the interaction between intelligent machine and human needs a new form of user experience design, a design principle and method tailored for artificial intelligence, which is not only the design of a contact, but the design process of the whole system. First, AI decision-making and interaction abstraction should focus on the understanding and expectation of users, which is the foundation of trust building; In the interaction, the interaction model should have the ability to call any level at any time, match the user's mind and give users timely feedback on information action. Let users feel the "real" and "dynamic" of the system. Designers need to have a deeper understanding of people's behavior, life scenarios and intelligent technologies.

As an AIG product user experience team, we have been exploring how to apply technology to create better products and services and improve people's lives. For example, in the experience design of map, voice dialogue / a modeling technology further enlarges the perception ability of travel navigation users, helps users to more intuitively recognize the world in complex environment and interact with the world more naturally; Intelligent recommendation based on big data in time and space can generate information flow that conforms to the flow of scene, help users analyze decision-making, release users' brain power and improve travel efficiency. AI enabled office platform is like flow, enabling the whole process working scene of the enterprise in intelligent "flow" design mode, realizing the interconnection of communication, coordination and innovation, and creating a cloud like intelligent work experience for the enterprise.

We live in a new, exciting era, and AI is still a young topic, and it will flourish in the next few years. For designers, this is a huge opportunity. We need to change and adjust the traditional design methods, construct design methods and processes that enable us to approach the goal, create experience that truly conforms to people's cognition, so as to ensure that AI driven products truly achieve people-oriented. Through this sharing, the audience will have a deeper understanding of the design features and methods of the AI era.

Participants Benefit

1、How to reposition and give full play to the value of designers in AI Era
2、Through the practice of various industries, we can learn new AI & UX design methods and process paradigms, and improve innovative design thinking
3、Cases and methods of the integration of AI technology and product design in different industries to enhance the awareness of experience design serving the AI era

Work Case
  • International Awards
  • AI technology perceptible:new way of organization
  • AI technology perceptible:new interaction mode
  • AI terminal experience:help users reduce thinking
  • AI terminal experience co evolution:Co Construction of the meaning of things and individuals
  • AI terminal experience:more conscious establishment of data relationship
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  • AI terminal experience:more conscious establishment of data relationship 66
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