Design system construction in the financial field
  • Tina Tina Pingan bank Shenzhen, Guangdong Province

    I have worked in the design industry for more than 6 years. I used to work in ZhongSi Technology and 360 under Letv, and now I am working in Ping An Bank as an experience architecture designer. I have strong organizing and speech skills.

    Responsible for the construction of design specifications and components for several companies. At present, I am mainly in the construction of the unified OPA design system belonging to Ping An Group. I have systematic experience in the construction of design specifications, design components and design system.

    In 2019, I won the Best Progress Award of the Department and the Professional Elite Award in the Bank. In 2020, I won the Outstanding Individual Award and participated in the 2020 Science and Technology Wonderful Story Contest, winning the second prize and a bonus of 200,000 yuan.

    Design concept: The essence of design is to solve problems. A good design should be a combination of sensibility and rationality. The emotional part attracts users, while the rational part retains users.

Design system construction in the financial field

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Time 11/20 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

As the user experience industry matures and companies flourish, experience consistency has become a common problem, so everyone has started to build their own design systems, and there are some excellent cases at home and abroad. For a company, building a design system can better apply a set of design language, improve the consistency of the whole product or even the product system, and make designers and front-end engineers work more efficiently and with a sense of achievement.

This workshop from the thinking of products, from the design system, the atomic design theory, design psychology and other more refining the core concepts in the authoritative works, to rise up the design of the system at home and abroad in recent years do system analysis, to explore the composition and content of design system, combining case OPA system design experience, we build the peace group, summed up a set of building the financial sector the methodology of system level design, hope to be able to help you quickly learn to design system construction method.

The specific contents learned in the workshop include:
1. Concept and construction process of design system
1.1 What is the design system?
1.1.1 Macro concept of design system;
1.1.1 What are the connections and differences among design system, design specification, design components and design collaboration?

1.2 Why do design systems?
1.2.1 What is the use of the design system to the company?
1.2.1 What kind of company is suitable for design system?
1.2.3 The establishment of different design systems for the company and APP products in different development stages;

1.3 How to build a standard design system?
1.3.1 Design language and design principles;
1.3.2 Specifications and design guidelines;
1.3.3 Atomic-level component library;
1.3.4 Icon picture material library;
1.3.5 Low-level support for the implementation of customer level;

2. Differences in the design system of the financial sector
2.1 Continuation of existing cognition such as bank counter;
2.2 Design shall follow the rules of the physical world;
2.3 Flexible availability and disaster recovery mechanism to ensure the availability of extreme situations;
2.4 Establish standards and principles belonging to the financial field;

3. Shared practice patterns
3.1 Should the design system be constrained or open?
3.1.1 The significance of the system lies in guidance;
3.1.2 shall not be a system of constraints;

3.2 Engineering construction of design system:
3.2.1 Who will build the system and who will ultimately use the system;
3.2.2 Efficient sharing and collaboration through some efficiency tools;

3.3 Related case sharing:
3.3.1 Content sharing of OPA design system;
3.3.2 OPA design system publicity video;

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: Introduce the main content of the workshop, the concept and construction process of the design system, the difference of the design system at the level of the financial sector, and the construction mode of shared time;
2、Concept explanation: a series of methods such as atomic design concept, Iconic Periodic Table, low-level support of customer level were explained;
3、Case study: content analysis of OPA design system and propaganda video playing;
4、Practical interaction: - Build the design system in groups - evaluate the integrity of the content among groups
5、Open answer: free communication in Q&A;
6、Summary and review of the workshop;

Target Audience

1、More than 3 years visual designer, interaction designer, user experience designer
2、Experience architect, front-end architect
3、Experience related practitioners in the financial field

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the concept, composition and construction methods of the design system;
2、Learn to analyze the situation of your own company, so as to build your own company's design system;
3、Difference and methods of product level, domain level and system level design system construction;
4、Help people to build product-level systematic thinking and learn common methods to solve complex problems;

Work Case
  • OPA design system content
  • Design Component Display
  • Architecture builder and business collaboration patterns
  • Design system related tools
  • Three-dimensional definition of design system
  • The composition of the design system
Guess You Like
  • 18
  • 28
  • OPA design system content 38
  • Design Component Display 48
  • Architecture builder and business collaboration patterns 58
  • Design system related tools 68
  • Three-dimensional definition of design system 78
  • The composition of the design system 88
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