Designed for the Screen - Custom Fonts for Screen Display
  • Wen Wang Wen Wang

Designed for the Screen - Custom Fonts for Screen Display

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Session B1
Meeting room 301A
Time 12/17 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
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Content Introduction

Custom fonts have, in recent years, become a hot topic. Both internationally and domestically, more and more brands are launching brand fonts or custom fonts. And with the popularity and prevalence of mobile terminals, fonts have become even more valuable in the era of small screen reading.

In the field of Chinese fonts, with the advancement of technology, the time and labour cost of designing and developing a complete set of Chinese fonts is getting lower and lower, which undoubtedly opens up more possibilities for enterprises to customise their fonts. We are ushering in an "era of screen customisation".

By reviewing the history of Chinese screen customisation and systematically explaining the development of computer screen fonts and mobile phone screen fonts, as well as the applications in different industries and fields such as car screen fonts, bank payment fonts, educational formula fonts and commercial label fonts, the audience will understand the wide range of uses of screen fonts and the unlimited prospects of custom design.

Structure and Agenda

Target Audience

1、Graphic Designer
2、ui designer
3、Corporate Branding / Marketing Manager

Participants Benefit

1、The History of Custom Fonts for Chinese Screens
2、Screen display custom fonts in different industries
3、Dynamic variable fonts on screen display devices

video introduction
Work Case
  • Jingdong Longzheng Style
  • The Founder's Pungshu Line
  • vivo custom font
  • Founder's Song
  • Jingdong Longzheng Style 14
  • The Founder's Pungshu Line 24
  • vivo custom font 34
  • Founder's Song 44
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