Establish APP Design Specifications to Achieve Unity and Independence of Brand Ecology
  • Bo Yuan Bo Yuan MI IoT Senior User Experience Designer

    Xiaomi IoT Senior User Experience Designer, responsible for the Mijia client and related intelligent hardware system software and specification design, including Mijia air purifier, Mijia water purifier, and other software experience design.
    He has been in the design industry for ten years, and worked as a game UI designer in Perfect World for two years. He once worked as a game UI designer in Perfect World. His representative works won the Japan G-MARK, Good Design BEST100 design award in 2019, and the Mi interface of air purifier UI in 2020 won the IF design award. He graduated from Xi'an University of Technology with a Bachelor of Industrial Design.

    Design is the flexible use of points, lines, and surfaces, and visual service functions that integrate the easy-to-use experience into life.

Establish APP Design Specifications to Achieve Unity and Independence of Brand Ecology

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Session D4
Meeting room 302B
Time 12/19 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The overall design specification system of the Mijia Ecological Chain is complex and huge. Designers need to face Mijia's complex product lines. How to divide the project into categories and quantities in order to conduct interactive experience and visual design. Has a good reference value. Through this study, participants can understand the entire design process of the Mijia extension program specification and the independent APP design of the Xiaomi game box, and how to solve any problems encountered.

In the workshop, the speaker will introduce the construction of the Mijia extension program, and guide the participants to learn how to divide the categories and develop the design specifications for a wide range of products and businesses. In the process, combined with specific cases, the Mi Jia extension program specification design is built from scratch and how it is used in specific projects. And from the experience to the visual design of different categories of products, so that all the design of the category through the specification to achieve both uniformity, and each product is unique.

The core content of the workshop is divided into two parts: the construction of Mijia extension program design specifications and the interpretation of Xiaomi game box independent APP design cases.
1.Mijia Extension Program Design Specification Construction Background
1.1.1 Mijia Ecological Design Introduction
1.1.2 Importance of Mijia Design Specifications

1.2 Product Specification Establishment Rules
1.2.1 Analysis of product characteristics and classification, design requirements matching from different dimensions
1.2.2 Segmentation analysis of similar products to determine product experience design structure
1.2.3 Establish standardization of Mijia design, build product design component library to standardize brand uniformity

Implementation and implementation of 1.3 Mijia design specifications
1.3.1 Vision System Determination
1.3.2 Component library building:
· System component design
· Page fixed component design
· Product layout usage specifications
· Application

2.In-depth interpretation of Xiaomi game box independent APP design case
2.1 Xiaomi game box design process
2.2.1 Competitive product analysis: product appearance, operation experience, interface visual style, immersion of game scene, software and hardware
2.2.2 Design language establishment:
· Establish a unified brand visual style by referring to the Mijia design specification (mobile) visual style, derived from the PC-side interface design specification "Little Monster"
Combining user design habits with interaction design logic and adjusting the operating experience
2.2.3 The linkage between software and hardware increases the immersion of gamers
2.2.4 Cool animation effects, making products unique

2.2 Summary of solving the challenges in the project
· In multi-team collaboration, the design plan covers areas, rationality and visual effects to determine the leading role
· Mobilize team resources and focus on project design decisions
· Multi-terminal design experience summary analysis

Through the project of Xiaomi Game Box, I hope to help everyone quickly adjust the product interface structure and design language through design specifications to achieve product design uniformity. Allowing users to get started easily while improving the brand's competitiveness, helping game books retain more users, and beyond this, how the entire project can communicate and collaborate more smoothly.

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction and project introduction
2、Explanation of core methodology: detailed introduction of Mijia and Mijia extended program design specifications
3、Project Case Interpretation: The Design Process of Xiaomi Game Box Independent APP Project
4、Interactive Practice 1: Perform actual product design according to specifications, sort out product interaction design, and use specifications flexibly.
5、Interactive Practice 2: Game Box Module Practice. Take the previously designed drawings to the students, quickly adjust the structure and design, test the design, and test the interaction design skills
6、Review: Analyze the advantages and disadvantages and what new problems may arise based on the assignments in the interactive practice session

Target Audience

1、Visual designer with 1-3 years experience
2、Interactive experience designer with 1-3 years experience
3、Interface designer with 1-3 years experience

Participants Benefit

1、Grasp the method and process of design specification construction, better establish the design specifications of its own team, and empower the enterprise product brand;
2、As a user experience designer, how to understand product characteristics, establish product interaction model and visual design from the perspective of users;
3、Learn to think and develop designs from different dimensions, and communicate effectively with other teams in the project;

Work Case
  • Norm establishment
  • Project Flow
  • Xiaomi game box
  • Xiaomi game box
  • Rice appliance heater
  • Mijia Air Purifier Pro H
  • Mijia Inkjet Printer
  • Mijia Inkjet Printer
  • Card component specifications
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