The 3I Mode——Design Thinking Methodology Practices in Enterprise Products Design
  • Raina Su Raina Su Tencent Cloud Senior Interaction Designer

    The current senior interaction designer of Tencent Cloud Design Center is mainly responsible for the design of enterprise products in the sub-fields such as Tencent Cloud Finance, Energy, AI and so on.
    Responsible for benchmarking projects such as Tencent Finance Cloud Banking, China Star Optoelectronics AI defect detection. Joined Tencent in 2011, successively worked for Tencent CDC and ISUX, was responsible for multiple TO C \ TO B projects, holds a variety of appearance and invention patents such as "A layout template for a hardware remote control", graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Master of Science in Media.

    Currently focusing on enterprise product design, exploring the vision, value and turning of designers under the Industrial Internet.

The 3I Mode——Design Thinking Methodology Practices in Enterprise Products Design

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Session G4
Meeting room 302B
Time 12/20 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

As the demographic dividend of the consumer Internet is gradually weakening and various technologies are maturing, the internet is penetrating into the industrial internet. In the past two years, our team has ushered in more opportunities with eco-customers and partners to explore new corporate product forms. And this time the theme will be developed around "Corporate Product Design."

In this context, the projects you get are often large and complex. You will face multiple roles to communicate with you. You may not know when to find the architect you are participating in. You may be running a business for a long time. You do n’t know what to provide you. What product manager with detailed design requirements may be a wild and demanding customer ... Many design methods accumulated in the consumer Internet, but To B, To C, To G integrated enterprise product design methods have no precedent, sometimes TO The design method in the C area is even inconsistent in such projects.

I have experienced this one by one and our team, so this time I hope to experience and share the experience with you through this workshop. This workshop will be supplemented by case studies of Tencent Cloud Benchmarking Projects by Huaxing Optoelectronics, E-Banking, etc., in charge of the presenter, detailing the design experience and design methodology of enterprise products, while creating a typical enterprise industrial product The project case will guide all participants from scratch, from the analysis of business goals, the derivation of design goals, to the output of prototype design, and experience the process of corporate product design.

Through this workshop, we can help you understand more about the design vision and pattern, methods and techniques that designers should have under the Industrial Internet. When designers participate in industrial Internet-related enterprise projects, they will get more Inspiration and reflection. This is a field that is closer to the front line than the consumer Internet. I hope that you can have your own unique feelings after experience.

The specific content that will be covered in the workshop, and the referenced thinking models include:
1、Key definitions of enterprise product design
1.1 Characteristics of Enterprise Products——Three Keywords on Enterprise Products
1.2 Classification of Enterprise Products-Classification by Distance from the Internet

2、Enterprise product design methodology-* 3I space model
2.1 * 3I space model suitable for enterprise product design (3I space model derived from IDEO)
2.2 Understanding and perspectives in the inspiration phase: business icebreaking and customer icebreaking
2.3 Ideas and prototypes in the concept phase: design proposals and experience polishing
2.4 Verification and Induction at the Implementation Stage: Feedback Verification and Standardization Exploration

* Note: 3I thinking
The process of design thinking should be viewed as a system of overlapping spaces, rather than a series of well-ordered steps. Design thinking goes through three phases: the inspiration phase, the idea phase, and the execution phase.
Inspiration period: A problem or opportunity that often inspires people to find a solution.
Conception period: The process of generating, developing and testing ideas.
Execution period: It is the path from the project stage to the people's life.

Structure and Agenda

1、Self introduction, summary of content and warming up
2、Explanation of basic concepts: product definition, characteristics, classification, and challenges faced by enterprise product design
3、Discussion on design methodology: This stage will discuss the design methodology in conjunction with actual projects
4、Practice interaction: grouping, the speaker will introduce a specific virtual project to everyone in this part, leading everyone to conduct content derivation, induction and design output
5、Design prototype sharing
6、Retrospective summary and Q & A

Target Audience

1、Designers who are engaged in or are interested in TO B design
2、Designers engaged in or interested in corporate project design
3、Various roles of enterprise project practitioners who are interested in the TO B project

Participants Benefit

1、Through virtual project workshops, help everyone master the method of enterprise project design;
2、Help everyone understand more about the design vision and pattern, methods and skills that designers should have under the Industrial Internet;
3、Harvest the 3I space model suitable for enterprise product design and apply it to specific projects;

Work Case
  • Analysis dimension of enterprise product design role
  • Heavy technology design methods
  • Enterprise Product Design Methodology
  • Tencent Cloud Banking Account Project
  • Shenzhen Public Security Project, Tencent Cloud Government Benchmarking Project
  • Tencent Cloud Integrated Energy Platform Project
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