Multi-Modal Interaction Design Method of Artificial Intelligence
  • Xiaoxiao Shi Xiaoxiao Shi MI User Experience Design Lead

Multi-Modal Interaction Design Method of Artificial Intelligence

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Session G3
Meeting room 302A
Time 12/20 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the evolution of artificial intelligence ecological technology and content services, the multi-modal interaction of touch screen speakers VUI and GUI has become the mainstream interactive form of artificial intelligence. This type of interaction provides a stage for both users and designers of opportunities and challenges. We have the opportunity to reshape the user experience, define products, and create new lifestyles.

As a multi-modal interactive artificial intelligence product of VUI and GUI, the UI system of Xiaomi Xiaoai Touch Screen Speaker won the IDEA and Red Dot International Awards in 2019. The composition of VUI and GUI is not just a simple addition, there are many repeated considerations of experience details in different use scenarios.

Through this workshop, the speaker will share the multi-modal interaction system that Xiaomi has created through the innovative "human-machine environment + scenario" intelligent hardware analysis method. The workshop will guide participants to understand and learn multimodal interaction design methods in the field of artificial intelligence, and help participants create effective design methods and thinking methods.

The specific content to be learned in the workshop is as follows
1.Human-machine environment + scenario Intelligent hardware design analysis method
1.1 Analysis of four-dimensional factors of users, hardware, use environment, and functional scenarios
1.2 Determine design goals through four-dimensional factor analysis
· Use User Journey Map

2. Application of multi-modal interaction in usage scenarios
2.1 Determine the font color system specifications based on design goals
2.2 Case Study of Music Playback Scenes
2.3 Principles of Multimodal Interaction Design
· Multi-modal interaction design framework explained
· Human-computer interaction: physical interface and virtual graphical user interface, voice user interface and conversational user interface
Hardware-aware interaction
· Extended information interaction: including physical interface, UI interface, and voice interface design planning and production methods
· Technical feasibility assessment and scenario rationality

3. Design-driven thinking
3.1 Case Study: Insufficient Development Resources Support During Design and Implementation
3.2 Product implementation link flow analysis
3.3 Get more development resources by adjusting the product implementation process

Structure and Agenda

1. Workshop Introduction: Introduction
2. Concept explanation: human-computer environment + scenario Intelligent hardware design analysis method, multi-modal interaction design and application in each vertical region
3. Case study: explain the specific practice with the emotional design of Xiaoai touch screen speaker Pro8 inch version and music player
4. Q & A
5.Summary review

Target Audience

1. 3-5 years user experience designer, full link designer, interaction designer
2. Design team leader, design manager
3.AI practitioners / people interested in artificial intelligence

Participants Benefit

1.Learn the analysis method of intelligent hardware design based on human-computer environment and scene;
2. Grasp the application concepts of multi-modal interaction design in use scenarios, quickly bring them into business goals and user scenarios, and be able to concretely present the device and interaction mode. The actual experience can quickly verify the rationality of the scene interaction and transform it into a new one. Multimode interactive design experience journey of the scene;
3. Master the thinking mode of design-driven product realization, as well as the technology and design thinking of multi-mode interactive experience designers;

video introduction
Work Case
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