Through“Project Management” Thinking, Promote Product Design Landing
  • Huang Ting Huang Ting IFlytek Senior Interaction Expert

    She is a senior interaction expert, majoring in industrial design, with a Master's degree in MBA from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, and a senior professional title in national information system project management. She has been engaged in user experience related work for over 12 years since 2011, with 8 years of project management experience. She focuses on leading the entire lifecycle of product experience from design to launch, starting from design. Her work includes but is not limited to multi-dimensional work such as developing standardized systems, product design, data analysis, methodology precipitation, and has rich experience in cross team collaboration. She has led design projects in different fields such as ToG, ToB, ToC, and O2O, and has a wealth of successful cases.

    Design philosophy: Always believe that good user experience design always finds a balance between content, users, and business goals, and creates an enjoyable experience.

Through“Project Management” Thinking, Promote Product Design Landing

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Session B1
Meeting room 5F培训室01
Time 12/22 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
keynote content
Content Introduction

In this rapidly evolving business era, designers are faced with unprecedented challenges. For example, in the process of project promotion, the right to speak is insufficient, and the plan is always revised repeatedly; Panic about learning new tools, fear that you won't be able to keep up with technology, etc. If you only focus on the design tools and the solution itself, it is easy to let the designer fall into the details and ignore the essence of the problem, which will not only lead to the problem can not be solved, but also make the designer feel embarrassed. Therefore, we need to think about how to solve not only the problem of design itself, but also how to solve the "external factors" that affect design.

This workshop will introduce in depth how designers can use project "management thinking" to promote rapid product design landing. The combination of design methods and real cases will help you understand and master project design management thinking, and make it play a greater value in your specific work. Through an innovative, systematic and rational way of thinking, we provide a sound set of guiding principles for designing projects to help designers understand project objectives, develop implementation strategies, coordinate team members, and provide effective evaluation and feedback upon project completion. After more than ten years of practice, we are committed to building a new and reusable project & design method, which not only has practical reference significance for designers, but also has a guiding role for design managers.

The main content of this workshop:
1. Changes in business times faced by designers
1.1 Changes in the business environment pose new challenges to designers
1.2 Limitations of traditional design patterns in today's business environment
1.3 Whether "good design" can be managed

2. The importance and application of project design thinking
2.1 Related concepts of project design thinking
2.2 The status of project management thinking in today's design industry
2.3 Benefits of project management thinking to designers

3. How to use project management thinking to promote product design
3.1 Introduction to the management model of the design project
3.2 "Planning" How to develop effective design solutions to meet customer needs
3.3 Importance and implementation method of "to summarize" design project summary
3.4 The key role of "good communication" stakeholder management in project promotion

4. Influence of project thinking on the development of future design positions
4.1 How can designers adapt to the business environment in the midst of change
4.2 Adapt to The Times and explore new paths for innovation and development
4.3 Application of new tools and ways to improve project design thinking

Structure and Agenda

1、Team Ice Breaking: Overview of the Workshop, Group Members Getting to Know Each Other
2、Concept: workshop theme knowledge points and practical case background, tool introduction
3、Project Practice 1: Based on a small subject to the group as a unit to use“Project thinking” product design landing practice
4、Interactive session: sharing in groups
5、Project Practice 2: take the individual as the unit to carry on the communication stakeholder management practice
6、Summary Review: review the core knowledge of the workshop

Target Audience

1、3-5 years experience as an interaction/visual/product designer
2、Junior/intermediate product manager
3、Interested professionals in project and design management

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the development of b-side industry changes and new requirements
2、Basic knowledge of Project & Design Management
3、Improve personal design leadership and project driving ability

Work Case
  • Data Lake - One Stop Experience
  • Data Lake - User Insight
  • Project Design Management Model
  • Normalize the information structure
Guess You Like
  • Data Lake - One Stop Experience 14
  • Data Lake - User Insight 24
  • Project Design Management Model 34
  • Normalize the information structure 44
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