Leadership in Transformation
  • Harry Sze Harry Sze BMW Group Designworks Shanghai Director, Creative Consulting

    As Director of Creative Consulting, BMW Group Designworks Shanghai Studio, Harry comes from a diverse design background ranging from automotive startups, design consultancies, to global OEMs. He has spent most of his career designing for premium and luxury brands such as BMW, Mini, Roll Royce, Fisker, and Cadillac. Born in Hong Kong and raised in California, Harry has been working in China for over 12 years collectively, giving him diverse perspectives and deep cultural understanding. Besides being highly skilled in automotive design, Harry specializes in insight and foresight, as well as creating brand and product visions and strategies. His empathetic approach towards design allows him to fully immerse into any brand or project. Harry holds a BS degree in Transportation Design from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Leadership in Transformation

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Session S2
Meeting room 设计殿堂·剧院
Time 12/21 13:30-17:00
Type Speech
Language English
Direction Design Management
keynote content
Content Introduction

In this speech, Harry will talk about how leadership could empower transformation from the perspective of design.
We are living in a transformative era with rapid changes penetrating to almost all aspects of our daily life:
1.1 Topics such as geo-political (global perspectives)
1.2 Environmental (collective global effort)
1.3 Social (diversity) the world is facing

·Design leadership in and beyond the auto industry, from traditional industrial mindset to automotive esthetics and culture, how does cross-disciplinary collaboration lead to innovation?

·What kind of leadership can inspire new generations?

Under such background, Harry will further talk about how to inspire and empower creativity, from envisioning future, finding purpose, and ultimately all the way to doing.

Participants Benefit

1、 Ideas of how design leadership can empower transformation
2、To share some thoughts on how we could breakthrough beyond in-volution
3、To inspire new perspectives beyond today

video introduction
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