The Accuracy of the Design
  • Cao Xue Cao Xue Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts School Professor,Doctoral Supervisor

    Former Dean of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts School of Visual Arts and Design, professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, Professor, and vice-chairman of the Academic Committee.He is the head of the design team of Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Mascot Bingdun, and has designed Guangzhou's first city image logo and Guangzhou Public Security image logo; “Hello China Bamboo” sustainability campaign LOGO design, Zhongzhou Road culture IP image design, Asian food festival LOGO, etc. , has been highly recognized by the community. He has won many awards in Germany, such as Red Dot, IF, IDEA and Pentawards; 2022 new weekly artist of the year.

    He is committed to the reform and innovation of Design Education and has been awarded the title of outstanding teacher in southern Guangdong and top ten designers in China. The international design exhibition“Outside the tower” has been held successfully for four times in London, Milan, Paris, Athens and Madrid, in the industry, academia enjoys a high reputation.

The Accuracy of the Design

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Session S9
Meeting room 大会堂A
Time 08/04 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The designer must have the design thought, must learn to use the system thought to see the question, simultaneously must learn the creation and the construction question.
The designer is the role actor, can not only seek to express oneself, needs to use the work and the consumer empathizes, strives for the most widespread approval.
Design is a kind of humanistic care is also a kind of civilization, but also serve the people, serve the community tool.
Design should be up-to-date, there is no design past, only the present progressive and future tense.

Cao Xue, who is famous all over the world, will explain the whole process of the implementation of design thinking with several representative cases completed by herself in this speech, learn from“Empathy” to learn“Emotional”, so as to find the design of“Targeting”, to achieve the design of“Precision”.

At the same time, he will also analyze the current balance of art and technology as a means, how to find the audience or consumer demand this point of balance of multiple ways.

Participants Benefit

1、Listen to the master's perspective
2、Understand the whole process of implementation of design thinking
3、Learn to design“Empathy” to design“Emotion”

Work Case
  • 北京2022冬奥会吉祥物“冰墩墩”
  • 北京2022冬奥会吉祥物“冰墩墩”
  • 广州标志
  • 广州标志
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