Design Specification for Smart Home Iot Platform Level Products
  • Zhang Shuohuan Zhang Shuohuan Midea Senior UI Designer

    I have 8 years of experience in product experience design, and now I am a senior UI designer of Midea Group, responsible for the user experience design work related to Midea smart home APP. Midea Mercure's products serve 70 million households in China, providing users with quality life experience. The software product design I participated in has won Red dot, IF and other awards. I have more than 10 design patents. I used to work as a senior visual designer in Alibaba Group's entertainment Division.

    Design concept: people-oriented, do the right design, the core of the design is for life.

Design Specification for Smart Home Iot Platform Level Products

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Session C7
Meeting room 303B
Time 08/04 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

As a platform APP, Midea Mercure can access all devices of different brands of Midea as well as external third-party ecological cooperation products, with hundreds of categories of devices ranging from air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators to small outlets and lights, and each category has a large number of different models of products. How can we ensure the operation pages of hundreds of devices? After accessing Mercure APP through different product managers and designers, can the experience design of the whole APP still be consistent, clear, efficient, etc.?

In this workshop, the presenter will analyze the process of product specification customization of Midea Cure APP, and explain how designers can change perspective, establish systematic thinking, and construct a complete product design specification. We will help participants systematically learn the design methods of custom design system and help improve business efficiency.

The core share includes the following:
1、Background and significance
1.1 Background
· As a platform APP, it will encounter problems such as a large number of users and a wide range of businesses. The same components, the same set of design specifications, the same UIKIT, often come out differently from different designers
1.2 Significance: The implementation of appropriate design specifications can bring product value
· Unified front-end architecture
· Saving labor costs
· Reduce the complaint rate
· Expand brand influence, etc

2、Insight and analysis
2.1 Explore pain points and opportunities (take the current situation of Midea Mercure APP as an example)
2.2 User Feedback
2.3 Analysis of competitive products
2.4 Design trend analysis
2.5 Design Objectives

3、Design process
3.1 How to design according to the problem (elaborate the detailed page design scheme through the Mercure specification case)
3.2 How can more brands access Mercure APP
· Analyze how the design can continue the tonality style of the brand, but also ensure the universality of the specification and the unity of page interaction
3.3 How to customize the age-appropriate mode specification
3.4 How does the specification reach broad consensus and meet the needs of multiple parties
3.5 How does a specification help improve business performance
· Introduce how to build UIKIT, component library, action library, icon library, etc

4、Summary of standard construction methods
4.1 Differences between the design specifications of smart home iot platform-level products and 2C APP design specifications
4.2 Design principles: Ease of use, consistency and extensibility
4.3 Promotion methods and strategies
·While publishing product specification, UIKIT, developing component library, dynamic library and other design languages, iteratively execute in two parts: inventory and increment

5、In the era of Ai, how to help design system precipitation in the future

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the theme background of the workshop
2、Workshop content and case explanation
3、Set up the field practice of proposition
4、Q&A Free communication session
5、Summarize and review

Target Audience

1、Beginning/intermediate interaction designer
2、Beginner/intermediate experience Designer
3、Beginning/Middle/Senior product Designer
4、People interested in smart home design

Participants Benefit

1、Help participants systematically learn how to build platform level product design specifications
2、Understand how design specifications help business performance
3、Understand the application of design consistency to design specifications

Work Case
  • Smart device page of Midea Cure APP
  • Home page of Midea Cure APP
  • Toshiba Dishwasher equipment page
  • User experience standard
  • Platform product specification design principles
  • Mercure plug-in page specification
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