Innovate to Create an Enjoyable Paid Experience
  • Li Ye Li Ye Baidu Design Director

    Baidu Design Director, as the leader of Baidu Library, education, novel design team. I graduated from the School of New Media Art of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. I joined Baidu and was responsible for the user experience design of hundreds of millions of core products such as Baidu APP, Baidu Homepage and Baidu Library. I have a number of inventions and interface patents. Led the team to win the Red Dot Award in Germany, IF Award, the Gold Medal of the Muse Creative Awards in the United States, K-design Award in South Korea and other international well-known awards.

    Design philosophy: Design is an idealistic pursuit.

Innovate to Create an Enjoyable Paid Experience

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Session F5
Meeting room 303A
Time 08/06 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

In recent years, the consumption consciousness led by the Internet is changing. The payment of more users is not limited to physical goods. All products and services are optimizing their own experience to find their own high-value loyal users, and high-value users are often willing to pay to get better experience.

Baidu Wenku and Baidu Education are products based on knowledge payment, with massive quality content and powerful tool ability, and a solid paying user group. Therefore, how design can bring users' willingness to pay through innovation is worth further exploration.

Through this workshop, participants can understand the nature of paid products, learn and initially master how to create a full-link experience of paid products, and make design value explicit and maximize through innovative practice.

Summary of the main lecture:
1. What are Internet paid products
1.1 Connect different paid product types
1.2 Differences in user payment mental models of different product types

2. Innovate to break the game and bring design value transformation
2.1 Understand product strategy and core competitiveness
2.2 Design and play methods with top-level thinking
2.3 Construction of product paid experience link
2.4 Find the balance between payment and optimal experience

3. Design sublimation to create paid pleasure perception
3.1 Create a sense of paying identity among users
3.2 Seek users' sense of renewal
3.3 Sublimate the extreme sense of user experience

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop Introduction: What are paid products and what are the psychological models of paying users of different product types
2、Universal basic theory: How to design member payment link, create product income model
3、Core Approach: How to find the right balance between experience and revenue in a product so that users are willing to spend money
4、Full participation: Set 3 product types for group practice
5、Summarize and review

Target Audience

1、Junior/intermediate interaction designer
2、Junior/intermediate visual designer
3、Junior/intermediate experience designer
4、Junior product manager

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the mental model of paid product users
2、Global thinking, build payment link, establish a reasonable balance between payment and experience
3、Innovative and game-breaking, top-level perspective using designer skills to help products create extreme experience, bring design value transformation

Work Case
  • Container frame
  • Exclusive experience
  • Transformation model
  • Pleasure experience
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