Baidu AIGC Innovation Journey
  • Chen Zhe Chen Zhe Baidu Senior Product Designer

    I have been working at Baidu for 7 years as the head of the brand operation direction for the content ecology user experience team. I am responsible for the operation and design of brand activities such as Baijiahao, Baidu Zhizhi, and artificial intelligence innovative products. I have previously worked in design departments such as Tianyu Media and Tianya; Responsible for the operation design of Baidu APP, Money Flower, Baidu News, Baidu Baike, etc.

    Design philosophy: With the spirit of simplicity and perfection, we practice the design spirit of "simplicity and attention to detail, caring for beauty". Creating the ultimate experience for every user while empowering business, driving design value and influence, the road to simplicity, and enlightenment in nature.

Baidu AIGC Innovation Journey

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Time 08/02 14:30-17:30
Type Trip
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
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Content Introduction

Baidu is a leading AI company with a strong internet foundation. It is one of the few companies in the world that provide full stack AI technologies such as AI chips, software architecture and applications, and is rated as one of the four largest AI companies in the world by international institutions. Baidu's mission is to make the complex world simpler with technology, adhering to technological innovation, and committed to becoming the world's top high-tech company that understands users the most and can help people grow.

Based on search engine, Baidu has evolved voice, image, knowledge map, natural language processing and other artificial intelligence technologies; In the past decade, Baidu has invested in cutting-edge fields such as deep learning, conversational artificial intelligence operating systems, autonomous driving, and AI chips, making it a leading AI company with a strong internet foundation. In the past three years, Baidu has consistently ranked first in the application and authorization of artificial intelligence patents in China. Under the general trend of integrated development of cloud, AI and Internet, Baidu AI Cloud has formed a new multi engine growth pattern of mobile ecology, Baidu intelligent cloud, intelligent transportation, intelligent driving and more cutting-edge layout in the field of artificial intelligence, accumulating strong potential to support future development.

This time, it will also be based on Baidu AIGC's SaaS product and design application practice to help participants understand and master the correct AIGC design thinking and stand out in the design professional competition.

Enterprise address



Structure and Agenda

1. Visit and explanation: Visit the office space and Baidu exhibition hall of Baidu Building, and team representatives will introduce and explain them
2. Experience Attempt: Conduct a test drive of an unmanned vehicle and experience firsthand the latest experience of Baidu's artificial intelligence products
3. Application analysis: Baidu mobile ecological user experience part enjoys the application practice and design thinking of AI products and designs
4. Case Explanation: Experts from the Mobile Ecological User Experience Department explain the process and case of AIGC design
5. Interactive communication: Each team and participating members exchange and share experiences together

Target Audience

1. People interested in AI product development and design
2. Innovation team members, product managers
3. User experience designer
4. Industry workers who want to apply AIGC tools in their design work

Participants Benefit

1. Visit Baidu to learn about the design team's experience design, practical application, and other aspects of AIGC's SaaS products
2. Understand the achievements and innovations of Baidu Mobile Ecological User Experience Department
3. Master the correct AIGC design thinking
4. Face to face with the design team to understand the design research and philosophy of Baidu Mobile Ecological User Experience Department

Work Case
  • AI Generation Case - Hundred Schools of Thought Figures
  • AI generated poster case
  • Baidu Building Leisure Area
  • Internal environment of Baidu Building
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