AI + Design, Your World is Enabled by AI
  • Wang Wei Wang Wei IFlytek Vice President

    I joined IFlytek in 2001 and am currently Vice President of IFlytek Consumer Business Group and general manager of Anhui Hear Technology Co., LTD. Since 2001, I have made significant contributions to the research and development of speech synthesis, speech recognition, speech evaluation, speech translation and other related core technologies and industrial development, and promoted and participated in the construction of several key projects of national ministries, provinces and cities for many times.

    Based on the core technology of voice transfer, I led my team to launch a series of products, such as hearing transfer website, hearing intelligent conference system, intelligent manuscript singing system, etc. At present, iFlytek's Hearing series products have achieved good application results in the government, enterprises, teaching, justice, media and other industries.

AI + Design, Your World is Enabled by AI

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Session S4
Meeting room 大会堂A
Time 08/04 13:30-17:30
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

iFLYTEK's design concept is a + i, “A” is “Artificial”, and the letter “A” tends to be diamond-like, a iFLYTEK of traditional 421-carat values, “I” as the first letter of“iFLYTEK”, is also the epitome of“Intelligence”.

In the Chat-GPT era, artificial intelligence technology has a great impact on cultural creation. In this talk, I will also share the latest technology of iFLYTEK, the impact of AIGC and the development of iFLYTEK's technology: xunfei 2030 superbrain project, iFLYTEK will listen and memorize/write to affect the creation of text content, virtual people affect the production of video content.

At the same time, I will also introduce some of the design concept of iFLYTEK: 1, software-design to meet the functionality of young, fun; 2. Hardware-part of the“Everything comes round” design element runs through the product line (2 buttons for a 1 combined with stickers to form a racetrack circle, B 1 centerpiece, H 1 top microphone, C 1 product circular CD pattern)

And then combined with the product case such as:
1. Software interaction-IFlytek Voice Input Method, information fly heard SaaS services + memorization will write + heard APP, etc.
2. Hardware ID-translator/dual-screen translator, office X2, recorder ABH, microphone C1, etc. .
3. One more thing-hear the voice of AI (Commonweal to design concept) and discuss it further.

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the relevance of the AIGC intelligence tool to the design effort
2、Master AI-aided real project design skills and practical application
3、Get an in-depth understanding of the profound impact and application scenarios of AIGC
4、Better expand the design of new horizons and cross-border thinking

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