AIGC× Online Literature: Let the Story be Seen
  • Ryan Zhong Ryan Zhong China Literature Brand & Creative Design Manager

    I am currently in charge of brand creative design of China Literature Group. I graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University and used to work for ByteDance. The projects I led included brand design of China Literature, company press conference, etc. I am currently responsible for promoting AIGC design capability deployment and building AI platform within the company.

    China Literature Limited covers well-known brands such as QQ Reading, and New Classics Media. It has gathered a strong camp of creators and a rich reserve of works, covering more than 200 content categories and reaching hundreds of millions of users.

    Design concept: Creativity is the integration of technology and trend of The Times, innovation is the eternal theme, keep curiosity for new things.

AIGC× Online Literature: Let the Story be Seen

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Session C5
Meeting room 302B
Time 08/04 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The most attractive thing of reading a novel is the imagination that comes from the textual content. However, when it comes to designing a landing page for a novel's promotion, the difficulty lies in the lack of visual materials. Compared to strong visual content such as anime, movies, and short videos, novels are harder to promote and circulate.
The emergence of AI drawing technology allows written content, which was previously limited to being "read," to be seen. Writers can efficiently and inexpensively provide visual designs for characters, scenes, and plot settings in their novels. Even readers can create their own mental images while reading.

In practice, however, there are many questions that require a lot of practical experience to answer, such as how to establish an AI drawing-assisted design workflow, how to translate novel content into language that AI can understand, and how to ensure consistency between images and the novel's style.

This workshop will combine design practices from several works, such as those from Qidian Reading and Webnovel, to introduce how we visualize novels in our design work, establish a new design workflow with AI drawing, and share our tips and experiences with AI drawing to help designers quickly familiarize themselves with the tool and improve their efficiency and output quality.

The main contents of this workshop are as follows:
1、Introduction to AI drawing
1.1 Explosive evolution of AI drawing within a year
1.2 Current limitations and deficiencies of AI drawing
1.3 Development trends of AI drawing

2、The imaginative space brought by AI in the industry
2.1 The difficulty of designing web novel visuals due to the lack of visual materials
2.2 Application scenarios of AI drawing in the field of web literature

3、Examples of using AI drawing to create visual materials for novel stories
3.1 Reconstruction of famous scenes - improving interaction and promotion
3.2 Creating character images and expanding operational gameplay
3.3 Creating immersive reading themes with AI
3.4 Material precipitation for work settings

4、Changes in work modes brought by AI drawing
4.1 New design workflow with AI tools
4.2 Training creativity
4.3 Embracing the times and becoming an irreplaceable designer.

Structure and Agenda

1. Workshop Introduction: Background, trend and current situation of AI drawing
2. Interactive session: Mini-games -- How to identify AI drawings
3. Design method: Methods and techniques to construct images through novel fragments
4. Case sharing: AI generation and operation of covers, characters, scenes and themes of works
5. Interactive link: Design AIGC interactive gameplay scheme of novel IP in groups
6. Q&A

Target Audience

1、Content industry Designer and Product Manager
2、Illustrator and Concept Designer
3、Lovers of novels or AI graphics

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the application scenarios of AI graphics in the content industry
2、Master AI drawing tool selection and application method
3、Understand the design workflow and points of attention combined with AI drawing assistance

Work Case
  • Create reading themes to enhance immersive experience
  • Restore the novel name scene to enhance interaction and communication
  • Enriched set precipitation IP visual assets
  • A way to refine a story from text to vision
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  • Create reading themes to enhance immersive experience 14
  • Restore the novel name scene to enhance interaction and communication 24
  • Enriched set precipitation IP visual assets 34
  • A way to refine a story from text to vision 44
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