Making Technology Felt: Enabling The Transformation of Industry Data Intelligence
  • Wang Wan Wang Wan Alibaba Design Head of Industry Solution Design

    Alibaba Cloud experience design senior expert, with 10 years experience design and management experience of Ali, currently the leader of the Data Intelligence & digital industry (Data & Intelligence) team, leading the 0-1 construction of intelligent integrated solutions in industry, transportation, aviation, medical, government and other industries. He is good at using composite design methods and design thinking to solve problems. He has many years of practical experience in visualization, computational design, PaaS, SaaS and other design directions. He was the lecturer of UXPA, U Design Week and IXDC, and the producer of U Design Week.

    Design concept: Make design the translation officer of city digitalization.

Making Technology Felt: Enabling The Transformation of Industry Data Intelligence

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Session E4
Meeting room 302B
Time 08/05 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the continuous improvement of the digital degree of the society, the design work has gradually transformed from the experience design of a single point of product to the experience design of the whole link of the solution under the field of data intelligence. Based on the in-depth understanding of the needs of new customers and users, designers need to use design methods and tools to continuously propose design solutions with both intelligence and experience for the challenges faced by industrial users, and help traditional industries to dig and deliver the value of digital and intelligent.

In this workshop, we will share digital intelligent design cases based on years of practice of Alibaba Cloud's digital intelligent transformation project. Lead the workshop participants to broaden their understanding of design, build more intelligent design solutions through innovative design tools, and find innovative contact points for breakthrough. At the same time, we teach people to use crowd analysis tools to quickly build an understanding of subdivided groups, and finally let the intelligent design scheme of number better serve all kinds of users, and then make the intelligent design scheme of number more inclusive, and make the technology more warm.

1、Experience-driven intelligent transformation of the industry
1.1 Digital intellectualization vs digitalization
1.2 Digitalization and digitalization cases (Visbar twin model asset platform, Medical simulation deduction SaaS application, high-speed simulation deduction SaaS application, digital twin maturity model)
1.3 Why can experiential thinking help build intelligent solutions for industry data
1.4 Steps for building a digital intellectualization scheme

2、How to build digital intelligent solutions through innovative design tools
2.1 Intelligence level of the Positioning solution: There are five levels of intelligence
2.2 Introduction of advanced technical capabilities: intelligent cards
2.3 Build the map of digital intellectualization scheme

3、Pay attention to the experience of subdivided groups on the basis of the general digital intellectualization scheme
3.1 Population analysis model: analysis of physiological, psychological and social factors
3.2 Construct crowd portraits
3.3 Upgrade the log-intelligent map based on crowd characteristics

Structure and Agenda

1、Theoretical overview and case explanation
2、Interactive Link 1: introduction and interaction of intelligent tools
3、Practical Link 1: industry business process sorting and intelligent exploration
4、Interactive Session 2: Introduction and interaction of crowd characteristics mining
5、Practical Link 2: Based on the business process of the industry, intelligent service upgrade for specific groups
6、Sharing and comment on achievements

Target Audience

1、Junior interaction Designer, product Designer, service Designer
2、Junior product manager of B-end industry
3、Interactive Design students
4、Industry data product practitioners
5、An audience interested in digital transformation

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the principles and stages of intelligent transformation of the industry as well as rich cases
2、Master the general paradigm of experience-driven intelligent transformation
3、Explore the trend of multiple design under the background of digital intelligent transformation
4、Expand design boundaries in industrial projects

Work Case
  • Visbar data Asset platform
  • Medical digital twinning
  • Digital twinning maturity
  • Digital twinning and simulation
  • Intelligent card
  • Intelligent scenario evaluation and construction
Guess You Like
  • Visbar data Asset platform 16
  • Medical digital twinning 26
  • Digital twinning maturity 36
  • Digital twinning and simulation 46
  • Intelligent card 56
  • Intelligent scenario evaluation and construction 66
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