Innovations for Industrial Internet Productivity Experience Design
  • Du Jiachun Du Jiachun Alibaba Cloud Design Expert

    Jiachun Du is a user experience design expert from Alibaba Cloud. He is also the leader of Cloud Industrial Internet Experience Team. He has won international design awards such as red dot and iF. He has published 8 international conference papers and was a reviewer for conference papers. His design work has been invited to Dubai Design Week, Dutch Design Week and CES. He also organized Aspara Conference workshops for Alibaba Cloud and UCAN workshop activities. As the first author, he promote design standard of "Internet of Things Cloud SCADA Design Guideline".

Innovations for Industrial Internet Productivity Experience Design

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Session D1
Meeting room 301A
Time 08/05 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

In post-epidemic stage, focusing on industry has risen to the national policy level. More and more Internet companies are turning their focus to industrial Internet. However, the manufacturing industry involves various stakeholders and knowledge fields. It is hard for UX designers to engage in such complex scenarios with diverse product systems. Lack of user experience view often leads to low understandability and usability in final products. In order to better promote the implementation of advanced productivity, designers need new experience strategies.

This speech will introduce the relevant design thinking and cases of the Alibaba Cloud industrial Internet design team. Through this speech, designers will understand how to do field research, shift the perspective from "things" to “user”, and use design to drive the upgrading of industrial Internet productivity experience.

1、Advanced productivity calls for advanced experience
1.1 Advanced productivity introduction
1.2 Good experience design is an important part of advanced productivity
1.3 Bad experience hinders advanced productivity implementation

2、Make advanced productivity sensible and usable
2.1 Dilemma of user-centered design in industrial internet field
2.2 New design mindset for industrial internet field
2.3 New design method for industrial internet field

3、From practices to excellence
3.1 Optimizing basic functions of industrial software based on user insights
3.2 Re-creating SCADA user interface design and standardizing new design
3.3 Demonstrating future digital factory with augmented reality

4、Conclusions and QA

1、Introduction of speaker
2、Introduction of advanced productivity experience
3、Introduction of showcases
4、Conclusion and QA

Related Works:
1. 《AR Digital Factory》
2. 《Multiple Roles Cooperation in Industry Softwares》
3. 《A Small Step for Experience, A Giant Leap for Productivity》
4. 《Building Experience Sensor Network for IoT Products》
5. 《HyperSCADA: A Codification Framework for Improving SCADA System User Experience Design》

Structure and Agenda

Target Audience

1、Junior/Senior UX designer
2、Junior/Senior product manager
3、Stakeholders interested in the field of smart manufacturing
4、Stakeholders interested in the field of design innovations

Participants Benefit

1、Understand how to carry out design research on complex products in the Industrial Internet field
2、Understand how to find the start point of design in the Industrial Internet and contribute design value
3、Understand how to make innovative breakthrough for industry with design thinking

video introduction
Work Case
  • Alibaba Cloud Industrial Internet Products
  • IoT Cloud SCADA Design
  • Digital Twin Design
  • Hardware and Software Design in Industrial Internet
  • Augmented Digital Factory
  • "Productivity Experience" Design Thinking
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  • Augmented Digital Factory 56
  • "Productivity Experience" Design Thinking 66
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