The Path to Design Change in the Post-growth Era: Diversified Thinking and Practice
  • Zhang Rihua Zhang Rihua Experience Design Expert

    I have 11 years of design experience, and now I am an experience design expert for "". I used to be a product design expert for "Bytedance" and a founding member of Pleasant UGD. I have experience in product design with a user base of 100 million, and design practice of 0 to 1 innovation. I am currently responsible for 58UXD experience management and 58 home B terminal business. I have led several high-value design projects, such as the GPL Growth Building Library project. I have been working in the growth design field for many years and have rich experience in the construction of design methodology.

    Design concept: The design should be guided by the goal and seek the optimal solution in continuous exploration and innovation.

The Path to Design Change in the Post-growth Era: Diversified Thinking and Practice

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Session B6
Meeting room 303B
Time 08/03 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the pre-growth era that has passed, designers have accumulated a wealth of experience in practice and achieved great success in the process. Now, however, we have entered a post-growth era. Compared with the pre-growth era, the post-growth era faces more challenges. The innovation of design means and the lack of growth have become the problems that designers have to deal with in their work. These challenges not only bring new tests to the designers' work, but also new opportunities. In this new era, designers need to change their thinking in order to cope with these complex challenges.

In this workshop, we will explore the transformation of design thinking and the innovative framework of design strategy in the post-growth era. Specifically, we will introduce three thinking frames: differentiation, refinement and industrialization.

The main contents of this workshop include:
1、Background introduction of the post-growth era
1.1 Differences between past growth eras and post-growth eras
1.2 Dilemmas and opportunities for designers in the post-growth era

2、Design strategy innovation framework in the post-growth era -- Differentiation
2.1 Differentiation: Designers need to find new growth points and create more valuable products through differentiation insight
2.2 Specific methods and steps of differentiation design
2.3 Cases of differentiated thinking -- 58 cases of main business landing

3、Design strategy innovation framework in the post-growth era -- refined ideas
3.1 Fine ideas: Designers need to pay more attention to details and polish every link to the extreme
3.2 Fine design How to find opportunity points and force direction, avoid over design
3.3 Cases of refined thinking -- 58 cases of service businesses

4、Design strategy innovation framework in the post-growth era -- Industrialization ideas
4.1 Industrialization ideas: Designers need to pay more attention to the deep combination with the industry and play their role in the industry
4.2 How to deeply integrate with the industry, better respond to market demand, and better promote the development of the industry
4.3 Industrialization thinking Case -- 58 home business landing case

5、Sharing of essential practical methods for data analysis
5.1 Correlation analysis method
5.2 Data Experiment

6、Summary and review

Structure and Agenda

1、Brief introduction of the theme background
2、Workshop content and case explanation
3、Set up the field practice of proposition
4、Q&A free communication
5、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Senior Interaction Designer, Senior Experience Designer, Senior Visual Designer
2、Students majoring in design, user researcher
3、Product Manager

Participants Benefit

1、Understand three bottleneck-breaking growth design thinking
2、Master innovative growth design methods
3、Summary of 58 latest growth design practice cases
4、Master the necessary practical methods of data analysis

Work Case
  • 58home page revision
  • Differentiated design idea
  • Design idea of end B
  • Fine design ideas
  • Industrialization design idea
  • Data analysis practice
Guess You Like
  • 58home page revision 16
  • Differentiated design idea 26
  • Design idea of end B 36
  • Fine design ideas 46
  • Industrialization design idea 56
  • Data analysis practice 66
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