Social Gain: Shaping the Emotional Value of a Product
  • Shawn Woo Shawn Woo Tencent Senior UX Designer

    Senior Interaction Designer, Tencent Social User Experience Design Department, Group Certified Instructor. Focuses on social entertainment and innovative product design. He has worked as a product manager in Innovation Works and interaction designer in Sina Weibo. He is a columnist and annual author of "Everyone is a Product Manager Platform" and a columnist of PMtalk platform. He gave a speech at the 2020 Shenzhen growth conference.

    Design view: Good design is the unification of product value and user value.

Social Gain: Shaping the Emotional Value of a Product

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Session C3
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Time 12/30 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Although the social market has wechat and QQ, new social products are still emerging in endlessly. Today's social products are dazzling, and social software is also divided into various types, from different content to different social relationships, which means that the positioning of products is different. Is there a chance for new social products? How to find the breakthrough point to make a breakthrough?

This workshop shared around the "social sense of acquisition", through the actual cases such as cut film, QQ, guess song planet, etc. to tell how to shape the "emotional value" of the product, and win the recognition of users.

Specific workshops include:
1、Social gamification: Social x music x games
1.1 Strengthen interpersonal relationships
1.2 Continuous game structure
1.3 Deepen emotional design

2、Social media: video x identity x random
2.1 Analysis of current situation and opportunity points
2.2 Disassemble the essence and characteristics of video social communication
2.3 Specific approaches to social sense of acquisition

3、Social live broadcast: video x vertical x live
3.1 Easily win users through "mind shaping"
3.2 Use the "Behavior Model" to develop user behavior
3.3 Promote "design gain" to enable product growth

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: Brief introduction of the content
2、Concept explanation: Conceptual model introduction, including model content derivation and content
3、Case analysis: The practical application of specific project cases, and how to land in various stages
4、Practice interaction: Group propositions for practice
5、Open Q&A: Q&A sessions and free communication
6、Summary Review

Target Audience

1、Elementary and intermediate level interaction designer, visual designer
2、Product Manager for innovative social projects
3、Internet practitioners interested in product planning and interaction design

Participants Benefit

1、Understand innovation models and methods
2、How to put theory into practice
3、Explore and cultivate innovative thinking

Work Case
  • Case: Collaborative creation by Shear Yingyun
  • Case: Guessing Song Planet - Music Game Interaction
  • Design Strategy C
  • Design Strategy B
  • Design Strategy A
  • Product Experience Analysis
Guess You Like
  • Case: Collaborative creation by Shear Yingyun 16
  • Case: Guessing Song Planet - Music Game Interaction 26
  • Design Strategy C 36
  • Design Strategy B 46
  • Design Strategy A 56
  • Product Experience Analysis 66
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