User Experience Reinforced Product Design Strategy Empowers Consumer Eco Product Design
  • Yuan Xiangfei Yuan Xiangfei Lenovo Senior Industrial Designer

    Master of Beijing University of Technology. He has been engaged in industrial design for more than ten years, and has held the positions of industrial designer, product innovation manager and product innovation strategy designer at Christian Bjorn Design, Samsung (China) product innovation team, and Lenovo China empowerment center. In his work, he advocates that product design strategy designation and execution needs to be human-centered, and that design should fully understand and respond to the needs and concerns of users, enterprises, society and other stakeholders. His design works include product design and service design awards of the four major international design awards including iF Gold Award.

    Design philosophy: To illuminate people's hearts with design.

User Experience Reinforced Product Design Strategy Empowers Consumer Eco Product Design

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Session E2
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Time 12/31 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
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Content Introduction

With more than ten years of experience in product design and product strategy research and implementation in domestic and international design firms and top brands in product design, this workshop introduces the basic concepts, methods and tools of product design strategy to the audience, allowing them to understand how a good design strategy can help designers and other team members related to designers' work to communicate more effectively and achieve product project goals.

Through this workshop, the basic structure and consensus of product design strategy development will be built for more designers and non-designers. We will be able to find suitable tools and methods to deal with different product design strategy issues in the future.

The main contents of this workshop are.
1. What is Design Strategy?
1.1 Design strategy is not only a matter for the design team, but also a tool to communicate fully with other product teams.
1.2 What is the relationship and difference between design strategy and brand strategy/product strategy?
1.3 How design strategy translates business goals and product goals into executable design goals

2. What are the principles and elements of a good design strategy? How to evaluate whether a design strategy is successful or not
2.1 Objectives/methods/validation/execution

3、What are the main tools of design strategy? What problems can be solved
3.1 Top-level, how the design strategy tools define the design direction of a brand from a macro level
3.2 The ground, how design strategy tools can solve specific product design problems more effectively
3.3 Reasonable, user experience and emotional design evaluation tools
3.4 Reasonable, functional optimization, comprehensive product power evaluation tools

4. How design strategy is applied in different types of product design projects
4.1 For different categories/industries
4.2 Self-design
4.3 Tool module selection

5、How to combine user experience and design strategy with a new organization and mindset to maximize effectiveness
5.1 Organizational innovation (selection criteria, designer quality)
5.2 Thought renewal (cooperation, service, identity switching)

Some cases.
1、IP product-Savior (independent design)
2、Close combination of user experience and ID design (Lenovo intelligent ecological product design language definition)
3, design influence product definition? (thinkplus desk lamp)
4、How user experience adds to product design (iF2020 gold award product, Lenovo smart cane design process)
5、Lenovo chronic disease management system design
6、New product case sharing in 2022

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop: opening introduction and interaction with the knowledge of product design for each job position
2、Concept explanation: Combining cases and stories to introduce the concept of product design strategy, tools, different application methods, etc. in layers and depth
3、Hands-on interaction: interspersed with conceptual explanation sessions
5、Review Summary

Target Audience

1、Middle/Senior Product Designer, Product Experience Designer, Design Manager, Design Lead
2、Mid/High Product Manager
3、Product developers and entrepreneurs
4、Medium/High Project Management

Participants Benefit

1、Help practitioners involved in product development, especially new product design innovation, to build the basic structure of product design strategy
2、Understand the scope of application of design strategies and the basic tools and methods of practical application
3、Help listeners to effectively improve product competitiveness in their future product innovation efforts

Work Case
  • Lenovo Hospital Drug Distribution System Design
  • Lenovo Hospital Drug Flow System Design
  • Lenovo Chronic Disease Management System Design
  • Lenovo Saver Gaming Seat C7
  • Lenovo Saver Gaming Headset H5
  • Lenovo Personal Cloud Storage X1/V1
  • Lenovo thinkplus desk lamp
  • Lenovo ECG smart cane
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