Exploring the Possibilities of Innovation in Retail Healthcare Systems
  • Crystal Wang Crystal Wang Philips Senior Design Researcher

    After 13 years of experience in the design industry, she is now a senior design researcher in the Philips Experience Design Centre. She is currently responsible for design research in Philips healthcare related areas. She is good at using design thinking and human-centered design methods to analyze and solve problems in various scenarios. She has worked for companies such as ASUS Shanghai Design Centre and S.Point.

    I believe that good design will continue to improve user satisfaction, will clearly communicate brand messages and will provide sustainable value for business.

Exploring the Possibilities of Innovation in Retail Healthcare Systems

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Session D2
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Time 11/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
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Content Introduction

With the rise of the internet industry in recent years, internet healthcare has gradually begun to emerge. With the support of national policies and the boost of the epidemic, O2O internet healthcare is developing at a rapid pace, including internet consultation, offline delivery of medicines, family doctor services and so on. As designers we are experiencing the changes brought about by technology and humanities in the context of the times, and are also thinking about how to use design thinking to create value for this system.

Through this workshop, participants will be able to use design thinking methods and keen insight to explore the opportunities in future business scenarios and discuss how traditional hardware manufacturers can find their own development opportunities in the context of retail healthcare and provide better solutions for people's healthy lives. Through this workshop, designers will learn the tools and processes of the Design Thinking Workshop and experience the appeal of the Co-creation Workshop.

The main contents include
1、Discover Discovery
1.1 Bringing together existing insights and visions
1.1.1 Overview of developments in the home and retail healthcare industry
1.1.2 Analysis of trends and market dynamics
1.2 Understanding the challenges around you: profiling the issues and pain points faced by different stakeholders in the industry
1.2.1 Attitudes of the public healthcare system towards internet healthcare and how the value stream is driven
1.2.2 Direction of medical investment, policy making, etc.

2、Frame framework
2.1 Based on the layout of the existing O2O medical system ecosystem, share the possibilities of Philips solutions to create value in different scenarios
2.1.1 Analysis of the business models of different O2O retail healthcare players in the market, sharing the potential opportunity space and scenarios covered by Philips for each type of existing business model and layout, the overall value proposition, the resources and cooperation needed, the products and services that Philips has an advantage in, etc.
2.1.2 Assessment of the impact of different opportunity spaces on the business in the near to medium to long term

2.2 Analyse the different scenarios of the whole process from healthy living to post-hospital care, and share the different scenarios and core elements of O2O retail healthcare
2.2.1 Introduce the main user groups and service solutions in the current scenarios

3、Ideate Creative Diffusion
3.1 Explore the possible directions and possibilities of the selected use cases/scenarios with a future perspective of development
3.2 List the hypotheses to be further tested from the user/technical/business perspective

4. Build creation
4.1 Concept elaboration using user journey maps or service blueprints
4.2 Explore feasibility based on the visualised concept

Structure and Agenda

1、Opening introduction and warm-up
2、Concept introduction and information sharing
3、Concept-based case studies
4、Hands-on interaction: group discussion and sharing based on case study results
5、 Q & A & Summary

Target Audience

1、Service Designer, Interaction Designer, Experience Designer
2、Working in internet and smart hardware, medical industry
3、Any attendees interested in this content

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about the Philips innovation methodology and transfer knowledge to your own field in the future
2、Learning a systems thinking framework allows for a more holistic view to analyse and look at issues
3、Learn how to gain deep insight into user behaviour and identify opportunities for innovation in different scenarios

Work Case
  • Case Study: Wealthcare Group vs Ali Health
  • Government Initiative - Integrating Big Data in Healthcare
  • The ideal home health management scenario
  • Core trends in O2O retail healthcare
  • O2O Retail Healthcare Value Map
  • Introduction to the Graded Care System
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  • Government Initiative - Integrating Big Data in Healthcare 26
  • The ideal home health management scenario 36
  • Core trends in O2O retail healthcare 46
  • O2O Retail Healthcare Value Map 56
  • Introduction to the Graded Care System 66
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