No Design No Diversity——How to Build a Young Brand Creative Design System
  • Yun Zhang Yun Zhang bilibili Senior Design Director

    Currently, senior design director of blebleberry design center is responsible for the design of experience brand design system and team management of blebleberry multi terminal. With 13 years of experience design and brand management experience, he has worked in Alibaba, Tencent, meituan review, cat eye and team entrepreneurship, accumulated rich practical experience in brand and experience design, and committed to promoting the young product design and brand culture building from the design thinking, experience psychology, cultural gene and other dimensions through the concept of "three-level design".

No Design No Diversity——How to Build a Young Brand Creative Design System

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Session E5
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Time 11/20 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

By the end of 2020, the number of active users in generation Z after 95 and 00 has reached 320million, accounting for 28.1% of all mobile Internet users; They were born in the background of rapid global economic growth and peaceful living environment, so they have superior living conditions and received good education. Their requirements for brand and design experience have also been further upgraded. Different consumption concepts of generation Z will surely bring about a deconstruction and reorganization of product experience and brand value. How to build a young brand creative design system has become an essential topic.

The design center of station B has carried out methodology precipitation on the design process and method for the current diversified community ecology and consumption concept of Z generation users. It summarizes the concept of "third-level design", and gives participants a new design perspective from the perspective of growth design system, design psychology and young brand positioning, and discusses the case through methods, Understand how to effectively link brands with Z generation users through design in specific business and the direction and principles designers should adhere to in the design process.

The theme content shared by the workshop includes:
1. Insight and reflection of Z generation users
1.1 preference characteristics of mobile Internet in Z Era
1.2 differences in consumption habits of content in Z era: duality, game, star, music
1.3 payment tendency in Z era: experience consumption, beauty consumption and idol consumption
1.4 how to connect users and brands in Z Era

2. Design system sharing for evolution
2.1 what is growth design system
2.2 five design principles of growing design system
2.3 find effective links between long-term design value and user value: share design ideas through actual cases
Case: take the design of "one click three links" and "interactive barrage" on Bilibili app as an example to explain how to create the innovation of experience and the evolution of design system

3. How to link brands and users with "third-order design"
3.1 three different stages of disassembly "three-stage design"
3.2 interaction between perceptual cognition and rational cognition: experience perception / approximation model
3.3 unnatural behavior: design psychology and behavior /aidas principle
3.4 brand culture resonance: semantic / logic / Culture
3.5 explore new innovation methods: third-order innovation changes, which are composed of 1 core axis, 6 center block, 12 edge block and 8 corner blocks

4. Case sharing
4.1 take "BML" (Bilibili macro link is a large offline gathering brand created by Bilibili) as an example to explain how to design the whole link of young brands through "three-level design" in the brand design category of core users
4.2 take the brand design of Bilibili IP "2233" and "small TV" as examples to explain how to create the integration of experience and brand culture

Structure and Agenda

1、Bilibili design concept sharing
2、Interpretation of methodology: Interpretation of "three stage design" from the perspective of design thinking, experience psychology and brand resonance
3、Combined with the case analysis of methodology: how to maintain the young diversified product design driving force and the empathy ability of brand in the project
4、Group practice discussion: theme interactive experience combined with three-level design concept and "3x3 immersion innovation method"
5、Q & A session
6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Medium / senior experience designer
2、Medium / senior creative designer
3、Medium / senior brand designer

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the comparative quantitative behavior of generation Z users and Internet usage habits
2、The methodology of product and brand design with Z generation users as the main body
3、Harvest the focus and driving force of design in the context of multi community

Work Case
  • Innovation achievement case
  • Brand IP case
  • Case study of community content ecological products
  • Case study of Bilibili characteristic brand cultural products
  • Design methodology: dismantling brand culture
  • Design methodology: three stage design system
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  • Brand IP case 26
  • Case study of community content ecological products 36
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  • Design methodology: three stage design system 66
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