Take The Consequences As Motivations - How To Comprehensively Think And Evaluate The Value Of A Revision
  • Kevin Chang Kevin Chang Ximalaya UED Director

Take The Consequences As Motivations - How To Comprehensively Think And Evaluate The Value Of A Revision

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Session D4
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Time 11/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Management
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Content Introduction

Ximalaya is the largest online audio platform in China with 100 million monthly active users currently. The number of users is so large that the influence of a revision would impact a lot of users deeply every time. So what is the purpose of a revision? How to reduce the negative impact and improve the positive experience? These are all issues that we need to focus on.

Based on these issues, before the revision begins, we believe that we should ensure some methods about evaluating and measuring the value of a revision, and build a systematic data feedback system from four dimensions of business, product, users, and experience. Therefore, we can comprehensively evaluate the value of a revision, as well as bring more persuasive opinions and suggestions.

During this workshop, we will introduce the whole process of the revision and launch of Ximalaya 8.0 version in detail. Through this detailed case, the participants can understand the ins and outs of the entire revision, and acknowledge how we develop the dividing goals about this revision, how the improvement progresses by three dimensions of the product, interaction, and vision; what adjustments have been made about the brand strategy of Ximalaya, and how we evaluated the data before and after the launch. In this study, participants will have a more comprehensive understanding of Ximalaya design paradigm, therefore, they can establish their own models of design thinking.

In this workshop you will learn these specific contents:
1、Reasons for a revision of Internet products
1.1 The classified reasons for different applications revisions
1.2 In-depth exploration of the purpose of revisions

2、How to comprehensively formulate the revision goals
2.1 Interpretation of the necessity of setting goals
2.2 Digitization of strategic goals
2.3 Comprehensive dismantling of the goals of different roles
2.3.1 Business goals
2.3.2 Product goals
2.3.3 Users goals
2.3.4 Experience goals
2.4 The importance of goals alignment

3、How to undertake the target - the implementation process of the revision
3.1 Promotion from the strategic level to the scope level and then to the structural level
3.1.1 How to undertake product functions
3.1.2 How to enhance the brand strategy
3.2 Push from the framework layer to the presentation layer
3.2.1 Use Five-dimensional methodology to decide the performance of design style
3.2.2 The landing of Atomic Design Theory & Componential Principle

4、How to evaluate the value of a revision
4.1 Start with the consequence - think about the entire revision process
4.2 Design value quantitative evaluation model
4.3 Build a closed-loop experience feedback system
4.4 Comprehensively evaluating and reporting

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the workshop content and self-introduction
2、Explanation of thinking system and methodology: how to dismantle the revision goals and think in advance about how to evaluate the revision value
3、Case review: the revision process of Ximalaya 8.0
4、Interaction practice: group simulation revision
5、Open Q&A and free communication
6、Summary and review

Target Audience

1、Intermediate/senior interaction designer
2、Intermediate/senior visual designer
3、Product manager

Participants Benefit

1、Systematically understand the various problems of a large application during the revision process
2、Help designers avoid some common risks in their own work
3、Master the design method and thinking mode of an application revision

Work Case
  • Key Word
  • Intelligence
  • Simplicity
  • Inclusion
  • Presentation of Publicity Video
  • Visual Style
  • Existing Problems of Structural Brand
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  • Key Word 17
  • Intelligence 27
  • Simplicity 37
  • Inclusion 47
  • Presentation of Publicity Video 57
  • Visual Style 67
  • Existing Problems of Structural Brand 77
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