The secret of exponential growth-E-commerce game
  • Bonnie Liu Bonnie Liu JD Design Director

    She has 13 years of experience in Internet design, worked in Tencent, and is now the design director of Jingdong, responsible for Jingdong interactive experience design.
    She is committed to building a full-stack designer team, so that designers can generate quantifiable business value while being both professional and product-oriented. Team Responsibilities: Create private domain traffic and achieve exponential growth of users by empowering Jingdong interactive game matrix.

    Design philosophy: Use experience design to truly solve business problems

The secret of exponential growth-E-commerce game

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Session B4
Meeting room Undetermined
Time 11/18 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

When user growth is no longer the norm, attracting user traffic becomes a top priority. By making users feel a sense of achievement and fun, and at the same time implanting the product appeal in the game planning, we can achieve a win-win result.

In response to the above background, we propose a systematic experience design for interactive games, analysing the project around three key points: "business objectives", "game type" and "experience design", to Output a well-reasoned design plan. The workshop will identify what the product aims to achieve (objectives), how it works (model), and how systematic user experience design can make the first two more effective (method), based on which design solutions will be tailored to rationalise the way users interact with the product and bring them a fun shopping experience while achieving the product objectives.

The workshop will explain in detail the definition of each concept, the analysis methods, the problem solving and the case effects. Participants will learn how to design user experience for interactive games through a step-by-step analysis of N examples and participation in practical planning of e-commerce mini-games.

Specific content includes
1. The business value of gamification design
1.1 The dilemma of e-commerce platform traffic competition
1.2 The rise of gamification-enabled business models
1.3 Finding a win-win value balance between platform and user

2、 Gamification of multiple business empowerment means
2.1 Active: continuously revitalizing platform traffic
2.2 Growth type: short and quick to achieve new
2.3 Transformation type: cooperate with nodes to introduce orders
2.4 Composite: full product lifecycle empowerment

3. Gamification design architecture approach
3.1 Design-driven gamification and business-oriented gamification
3.2 Generic gamification product design architecture
3.3 From 0 to 1: Systematic thinking and decisive foundations
3.4 From 1 to 100: Dual-Driven Iterative Optimisation

4. Gamification matrix and more possibilities
4.1 Building a complete game worldview
4.2 Matching game value positioning

Structure and Agenda

1、Background to the topic: Introduction to the speaker and team
2、Case Study: E-commerce mini-game case study
3、Breakout group planning: hands-on planning of e-commerce mini-games
4、Case review: mentor summary sharing
5、Wrap-up review: Q & A

Target Audience

1、Junior/Intermediate/Senior Interaction & Visual Designer
2、Junior/Intermediate/Senior Operations & Product Manager
3、Students who are interested in the game design / e-commerce field

Participants Benefit

1、Learn how to create a private domain traffic pool through e-commerce mini-games
2、Learn about the whole process of implementing an e-commerce mini-game

3、Participate in hands-on e-commerce mini-games to acquire gamification design skills

Work Case
  • Jingdong Member Interactive Trivia Game
  • Jingdong Seven Fresh Interactive Trivia Game
  • Game strategy implementation architecture
  • Interactive Effectiveness Verification System
  • Jingdong Supermarket Interactive
  • Jingdong New Year's Eve Red Packet Interactive
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