Design Power in the New Era
Design Power Summit
  • Lili Zhai Lili Zhai Baidu Design Architect

    At present, she is the design architect of Baidu, the manager of technical Center User Experience
    Department, and the design team leader of Baidu input method, infoflow conference, AR technology, Lingyi Zhihui, etc. Engaged in user experience work for more than ten years, responsible for a number of C-end / b-end / technology product design and team management experience, team development and training direction

    It is considered that the design of pure beauty is not a good design, and the ultimate goal of design should be to meet the needs of users / help business development. Over the years, he has rich experience in leading the design team to innovate, promote the landing and generate value, and precipitated a set of effective methods, which have been tried and verified in different product lines.

  • Julie Schiller Julie Schiller Google UX Manager &  APAC UX Culture and Community lead

    I have spoken at conferences around the world focusing on the craft of UX and careers of people practicing it. I lead UX Culture and Community for Asia Pacific at Google, as well as being a seasoned manager at major companies, such as Autodesk and Facebook, as well as a UX Researcher for more than 12 years I desire to share my experience with UXers and learn from others.

    I hold two masters degrees, one in Human Factors Engineering (University of Michigan) and one in Human Computer Interaction (UCL) which gives a strong theoretical framework to structure my practical talks.

  • Vincent Feng Vincent Feng Microsoft Sr. Design Manager

    He is currently a Senior Design Manager at Microsoft and was the Director of Experience Design at Cheetah Mobile. He has been responsible for the user experience design of 2B and 2C products with 10 million daily activities, and has managed 80+ designers to create a positive and collaborative team atmosphere. He is good at design methodology and data-oriented design, and is good at leading multinational design teams. Winner of the 2018 Red Dot Design Award.

  • Avenir Zheng Avenir Zheng Tencent Director of CDC Mozi Studio

    In 2013, he joined Tencent and has been engaged in user experience related posts for 10 years. He is now the leader of Tencent CDC Mozi studio and a front-end development expert. He has long been committed to the application and development of experience design tools, leading the implementation of Tencent design cloud from 0 to 1 in the company. He has rich experience and mature methodology system for the front-end experience of C-end and b-end products.

  • Bin Zhu Bin Zhu ByteDance Design director of lark Design Shanghai R & D Center

    At present, he is the design director of Shanghai R & D center of enterprise service line, the first batch of experience design practitioners in China, and the master's supervisor of School of animation and digital art of Communication University of China. He has won the award of "TOP10 Outstanding Youthin Service Design Industry".

  • Ping Song Ping Song HUAWEI CBG Design Director

    Ping Song is now the head of Huawei CBG HarmonyOS and ecological experience design team, leading the innovative design and experience specification of system experience and capability, defining the experience of HarmonyOS from 0-1, creating the super terminal design experience and equipment / service ecological construction of software and hardware interoperability. Graduated from art design major of Tongji University, she has been engaged in user experience architecture, systematic design methods and design specifications for more than ten years. She firmly believes that "there is no shortcut to good design, but there are good methods to follow". She has worked in Microsoft China for many years.

    Before working on HarmonyOS,she focused on AI product experience design standards and specifications, led the design method of intelligent full scene experience for consumer terminal devices, led the team to build systematic experience solutions for many times, improved consumer experience and helped business success, won the gold medal team and President team award of the company for many times, and won the if Award for HarmonyOS device connection experience, Experience value and consumer experience are highly recognized by ecological partners and business success.

  • Yuwei Yang Yuwei Yang Alibaba Cloud Design Senior Experience Design Expert

    Head of Alibaba cloud design management and control experience and multi terminal collaboration team, responsible for Alibaba cloud design management and control and mobile terminal product experience. Led the team to build Xconsole, a design platform serving more than 200 cloud products, and achieved the industry-leading design results in experience consistency and barrier free design of b-end products. The professional results were included by Chi, CSCW and other conferences in the form of papers, and promoted the implementation of group standards such as "cloud computing management and control platform interface design guide".

    Deep cultivation of enterprise product design, has worked for Yahoo, Baidu, has more than 12 years of design and management experience.

  • Penghe Shan

    Penghe Shan Zhuanzhuan Senior Design Director


Design Power in the New Era

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Session R1
Meeting room 三楼报告厅
Time 11/19 09:01-12:01
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Power
Introduction of the summit

In the new era, the future economic market presents a trend of rebirth accompanied by challenges, opportunities and cooperation. The key to business success is no longer technology and cost-effectiveness. Design leadership will become an important factor in enterprise management, which is closely related to the current economic development. In the case of the urgent need to change the enterprise strategy and business model, it also brings new challenges and tasks for managers. Excellent design leadership can not only improve the organizational structure and personnel support of the team, cultivate a team with stronger anti risk ability, but also build intelligent systems and tools that can improve the operation efficiency of the enterprise, help the enterprise to achieve sustainable development in opportunities and crises, and help the enterprise to maximize its business value.

In this design Power Summit, managers and experts from well-known enterprises at home and abroad are specially invited to share their management experience and experience in the new era, as well as the successful experience in designing intelligent systems and tools for improving efficiency and enabling. To help participants better understand the necessity of design leadership and management model, and learn to lead intelligent systems and tools, so as to combine their own management and development knowledge for practical use.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《Thinking of Design Leadership in the Period of Change》
    Speaker:Lili Zhai Baidu,Design Architect

    How can a team achieve the value output of 1 + 1 greater than N?

    Effective leadership plays an important role in it. There are great differences in the management concepts between the East and the West whether there is an established model of leadership that can be learned and reused. For the design team, there is usually no intuitive / clear evaluation standard for the good or bad of the output, and the verification path between innovative design output and business value is longer, which makes the leadership of the design team more difficult.

    This sharing will analyze how the design team can promote innovative output and how to solve the core problems in the landing process by combining with the practical cases that have been landing in a number of Baidu products, so as to analyze the five dimensional model of design team leadership and clarify the key elements in the five dimensional model. We hope to build the holistic cognition of design leadership through the five dimensional model, and form the applied guidance by explaining the key elements of the model, so as to have the concept and the method at the same time.

    The environment and technology development we are facing are constantly changing, and the model of design leadership also needs to be iterated. What are the challenges and opportunities brought by the changes in the new era, and what changes should happen to design leadership? I also hope that we can discuss with colleagues openly and promote the development of design leadership.

    The summit will share the following core contents:
    1. The necessity / dilemma and breaking of design team leadership
    2. Explore which roles need leadership and how to activate the team through leadership
    3. How to effectively innovate output, promote landing and generating business value
    4. Challenges and opportunities of design team leadership brought by the changes of the times

    Work Case
  • Speech 2:《Strategic UX Growth: Healthy expansion for your UX Team》
    Speaker:Julie Schiller Google,UX Manager &  APAC UX Culture and Community lead

    “What got you here, won’t get you there” - Marshall Goldsmith

    As a UX team grows, it can be difficult to scale culture and maintain a feeling of community. Maintaining your status quo can result in splits in teams. Offices in different sites can change working style. Innovation and cross-pollination can be lost. 

    How do you go from Stage 1: Build a team to Stage 2: Expansion? Using advice from my experience at top Silicon Valley companies, you’ll learn about 5 key areas of focus to ensure you’re expanding your rockstar team in a healthy way.

    TL;DR - This in-depth framework gives guidance on how to expand existing UX teams while preserving culture. I will briefly introduce myself and experience in high-growth companies like Facebook and Google. Then I will spend time framing up the topic. We will discuss the Greiner Curve and how it affects companies. We will also talk about the Nielsen Norman Group’s UX maturity model.

    1.Upskilling Leadership 
    The future of your existing team and the success of the new hires will depend on your ace leadership team. As teams scale it’s easy to overlook your leaders. We will cover core skill sets and an example of building for leadership training.
    As teams scale, it is tempting to believe that existing forms of recognition will suffice. However, new factors must be considered to avoid a very different team experiences. Using lessons from anthropology we will briefly cover the key elements of recognition rituals.
    How can we scale formal and informal communication? Do we have synchronous and asynchronous modes? If teams are in different buildings or timezones we will discuss tips to create connection. Importantly, we will cover how to invite diverse voices into our community when we pass Dunbar’s number.
    4.Stand for something
    If your status quo is putting out fires or focusing solely on business metrics, you may run into problems with scaling teams. This section will cover the creation of team values and examples of this work in companies. How we implement and make decisions according to them will be discussed.
    With an increasing demand for UX talent, its difficult to retain growing UXers as teams scale. This section will cover how to ensure learning opportunities exist internally and externally to your team. We will also cover the importance of feedback for your team.

    Conclusion:Wrapping up all 5 focus areas and talking about how they fit together. This section will invite the audience to self-assess their teams and give suggestions on how to proceed to implement this in their own work.

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:《Expanding Field of User Experience: Increasing Design Impact through Participatory Design》
    Speaker:Vincent Feng Microsoft,Sr. Design Manager

    Organisations are increasingly recognising the importance of user experience and are starting to establish In-house UX teams with the aim of empowering their products through enhanced experience design. However, how can design enhance the value of the product from a team and individual perspective, and thus increase the impact of design in the organisation? How do design teams and designers develop OKRs and ensure alignment with corporate values and goals are questions that design managers need to consider.

    This session will share how participatory design is used in the work of Microsoft teams to improve design impact; and how Microsoft designers empower products and thus the world in different cultural contexts.

    The summit will introduce how to expand the design field through a step-by-step approach with four key focuses: empathy, big picture, communication and trust.

    1、Empathy - communicating with the team
    Design is an important part of the product process, but it is not the only part. Putting yourself in the shoes of each function in the collaborative team and understanding the priorities of each area can make communication twice as effective. The designer's profession is to understand the pain points and needs from the user's standpoint, and similarly should understand the pain points and needs of the project partners, and have the same understanding of the product as the team members, in order to be able to focus on conceiving a more comprehensive design strategy.

    2. The big picture - three perspectives on the design strategy
    The Studio 8 design team will introduce the design team's OKR development process, how products such as SharePoint and Viva Topics use cutting-edge technology to meet user needs, and the latest design trends.

    3、Communication - Effective communication of design strategies and design methods to improve communication efficiency
    Communication is one of the main tasks of Microsoft designers every day. In addition to communicating with local teams, they also have to synchronise with product teams around the world, and the communication method directly affects the communication of design strategies. Stabilise the team's perception at the same level and accelerate design decisions with scenarios and user research findings.

    4. Trust - results support trust
    Defining user value and business value metrics should be aligned with the company's strategic direction, and how design clearly defines business objectives and design metrics is key. This session will share how to successfully achieve the objectives, build trust in the design team in the company/organisation, and help advance future design proposals and gain more resources for the design team.

    Work Case
    • Vincent Feng - Low-cost analogue hardware product experience
    • Vincent Feng - Receptionist robot experience optimisation
    • Vincent Feng - Children's companion robots
    • Vincent Feng - Design doubles news product revenue
  • Speech 4:《DesignOps at Tencent :How to realize the integration of design and R & D》
    Speaker:Avenir Zheng Tencent,Director of CDC Mozi Studio

    The word designops comes from Devops. Devops is a combination of development and operations. It attaches great importance to the communication and cooperation between software developers and operation and maintenance personnel. Through the opening of it tool chain in the process of software product delivery, each team can reduce the time loss and work together more efficiently.

    In the process of enterprise team cooperation, design is the key link to undertake product R & D upstream and downstream. At this stage, more and more organizations realize that enterprises need to build a design collaboration platform suitable for the internal team to help the product design and R & D team reduce the communication cost of the delivery link, create efficient workflow, and improve the quality of design output.

    That's why we need to create designops: to provide better support for large-scale and standardized design implementation. Let as many collaborative roles as possible, release the unnecessary time loss, and put into the creation of value.

    Work Case
    • Design specification management tool
    • Prowork team collaboration platform
    • TDesign Tencent design system
    • Design collaboration platform of Tencent CoDesign
  • Speech 5:《Tool Innovation Enables Organizations to Upgrade Cooperatively》
    Speaker:Bin Zhu ByteDance,Design director of lark Design Shanghai R & D Center

    ByteDance is a company that attaches great importance to efficiency and has a strong tool culture. A few years ago, in order to find a collaborative tool suitable for the use of the digital era, we failed, so we invested in our own team, expecting to build a tool product worthy of this era, and fly book came into being.

    In the context of the surge of telecommuting and online collaboration scenarios brought about by the global epidemic, users' demand for collaboration tools has increased greatly. In order to help and serve the efficient cooperation of globalization, Lark keeps on iterating and innovating, and insists on adding value to the organization with tool innovation.

    In the face of new user scenarios and complex user groups, Lark product design team always takes tool innovation as the core of the product. Continuous mining, verification, innovation. Constantly improve the efficiency of information flow and audio and video innovation, help online users to complete the work efficiently without meeting each other. At the same time, Lark is not only creating an office collaboration tool, but also promoting a future oriented work style, a work style suitable for the future social environment, workplace environment and future employees.

    This summit will share with you the innovative ideas and practice cases of Lark products. Taking the office scene as an example, let us understand how Lark helps organizations to cooperate efficiently, hoping to help more and more enterprises move towards an efficient office mode and achieve overall efficiency and long-term growth.

    The summit will share the following core contents:
    1. Information, goal and human cooperation mode under new tools
    2. A freer and more effective mode of information transmission
    3. Organizational temperature and cultural identity brought by new tools

    Work Case
    • Lark Auto Translate Subtitle
    • Lark Minutes
    • Lark Magic Share
    • Lark Livestream
  • Speech 6:《Design of HarmonyOS Based on Ecological Thinking》
    Speaker:Ping Song HUAWEI CBG,Design Director

    HarmonyOS builds a new generation of intelligent terminal operating system that connects people, devices and scenes. How to systematically solve the connection and collaboration of different ecological devices and services in different scenes, and provide consumers with simple, smooth, safe and reliable full scene experience design? We jump out of the single thread product design thinking, Based on the ecological design thinking, this paper provides three-dimensional solution ideas, and constructs a multi-level experience framework of HarmonyOS's differentiated software and hardware interoperability from the perspectives of consumer experience, partner experience and developer experience.

    The design ideas of the lecture in the three levels of toC, toB and toD are as follows:
    1. TOC: design minimalist connection, universal card, HyperTerminal and other things connected to the differentiated experience
    2. ToB: enabling partners to create a win-win situation, help to upgrade the scene based experience design and realize product value-added
    3. ToD: experience guarantee and one stop tool chain layout for low code / no code developers

    Case sharing:
    With the co-creation case of head partners, the design road from Huawei as the center to partner as the center is transformed to create a new height of HarmonyOS ecological cooperation, win-win and experience innovation.

    Work Case
    • and experience design of service platform
    • HamronyOS atomic experience innovation design
    • HarmonyOS Connect&Scene innovation design
    • HarmonyOS gain If Award for all interconnected solution for all devices, across all life scenaries
  • Speech 7: 《From Guide to Tool: How to Manage the Experience of Complex Giant System》
    Speaker:Yuwei Yang Alibaba Cloud Design,Senior Experience Design Expert

    With the trend of cloud computing becoming the infrastructure of digital society, the management operating system derived from cloud has become more and more complex. From simple system to simple giant system and then to complex giant system, designers are facing more and more challenges. The result of the development of the Internet must be the diversity of product forms, the complexity of processes and the segmentation of scenarios. This is true in the field of cloud computing and consumer services. In this context, how to manage experience has become an increasingly prominent issue.

    Xconsole (Alibaba cloud's systematic management and control product design solution) was born in the complex environment and detailed process of Alibaba cloud, so his first mission is to use systematic thinking to determine the future form of Alibaba cloud's management and control products, meet the current and future product growth of Alibaba cloud, and reasonably manage and control complex products.

    In the practice of xconsole, we have gradually accumulated a set of experience governance methods, including xconsole's core design guidelines and design standards and measurement methods derived from the guidelines, which together constitute the xconsole core. In the next growth process, xconsole has evolved horizontally into an aggregation platform for Alibaba cloud's management and control services, and vertically expanded to a best practice gathering place covering vertical services such as elastic computing and network.

    At this time, xconsole has completed the evolution from bone to muscle, but the vision of xconsole is more than that. We hope it can become a comprehensive solution for designers, developers, products and operators. This vision determines that xconsole will take a more intelligent road. Xbuild, an intelligent design tool born out of xconsole, carries our mission of "using algorithms to drive product innovation and make future enterprise product design simpler". In this sharing, this mysterious tool will be displayed for the first time.

    To sum up, xconsole has completed the evolution road from guide to tool, which has been "walked" by our designers, engineers and product managers over the years“ There is no road on the ground. If there are more people walking, it will become a road. "I hope you who have heard of sharing can become our fellow travelers.

    Work Case
    • Xconsole IP
    • Alibaba cloud design Console Home
    • Alibaba cloud design product design solutions Xconsole
    • Alibaba cloud design product design solutions Xconsole
Target Audience

1. Enterprise manager
2. Design director, manager or design team leader
3. Relevant practitioners who need to improve their management ability
4. Practitioners interested in innovation systems and tools

Participants Benefit

1. Learning the management model and method to maximize the team benefit
2. Understand how successful enterprises use innovative background management system tools to improve enterprise operation efficiency
3. Master the methods to improve the team's risk resistance in the new era
4. Master self-improvement, empower the design team, and make the design team the core of the company's strategy

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