Artificial Intelligence Constructs a New Pattern of Computing
Smart Computing Summit
  • Shiyan Li Shiyan Li Baidu Baidu AI Clould HCI Lab Leader

    At present, Baidu Intelligent Cloud AI human-machine interaction laboratory is also responsible for the AI product business department's robotics business. In the new digital wave, we are responsible for the business results and user experience of the two business lines of digital human and robot. Establish the industry's first personal computer interaction research map in Baidu, directly or indirectly open and implement several researches, and form several academic papers. Presided over the design of several tob hardware of Baidu, and established a unified design language. He has won the German red dot award, Italian adesign Design Award and contemporary good design award.

  • Ryan Lai Ryan Lai GREE Director of UX Design

    He is currently the head of UED in Gree Computer Center and the founder of COLORMARK design platform. He has been engaged in design-related work for 16 years and has rich experience in product design team management and experience design, enhancing user value and business value for business through design, and is committed to providing excellent product experience and building an excellent product design team for products.

    Design philosophy: With the transformation of enterprise digitalization, it has inspired new service design concepts and ideas, allowing service design to explore new directions. The most central and essential purpose of design thinking, centred on the act of design, is to help make a significant impact and meaningful impact on the user experience of the product.

  • Doug Walston Doug Walston Microsoft Design Director

    Doug Walston is the Design Director for Microsoft Software Technology Center Asia where he leads the Studio 8 cross-product and cross-discipline Design team. Prior to joining Microsoft, Doug led the Industrial Design, UX Design and Design Research teams in Lenovo Mobile Devices across several locations in China. Prior to Lenovo, he held Design leadership roles in Nokia and Motorola. In addition to his work on mobile devices, software and services, Doug has a broad range of design experience in multimedia, web and environmental graphics. A frequent speaker at Universities and conferences, Doug loves to share his experience designing in fast-paced organizations with diverse and geographically distant teams. When he’s not busy making technology accessible to everyone he enjoys traveling with his family and exercising culinary artistry.

    Doug holds a BFA in Industrial Design from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MBA in Marketing and Entrepreneurship from the University of Texas at Austin (where he learned to cook ‘real’ barbeque).

  • Run Yang Run Yang Lenovo Group Director & Distinguished Designer

    Currently, he is the chief designer, director of design and user experience at Lenovo Group. He has long been committed to developing products from the ground up, establishing end-to-end product experiences and multi professional collaborative innovation process.
    So far, he has led the team to design more than 500 products on the market, with business value nearly 10 billion RMB, and have won more than 40 international design awards including Red dot Best of Best and iF Gold Award. In 2019. He has won the title of Capital Outstanding Young Designer awarded by Beijing Science and Technology Commission.
    Design concept: emphasize the natural connection between life and technology, integrate technology into life through design and experience, and attain the perfect combination of design and commercial value.

  • Mrinalini Sardar Mrinalini Sardar Adobe Illustrator Design Manager

    Mrinalini is currently leading the design team for Illustrator, Adobe's vector-based drawing and illustration tool for creatives with an active user base of 2.3Mn+ users.

    Previously, she was engaged with the Adobe Sensei Intelligence team working with a global team of designers to integrate machine intelligence and creative assistance into product spaces. She is passionate to understand how creatives work with digital design tools and technologies of the future. She has been leading and crafting user experiences for creative tools for 8+ years. She loves sharing her learnings and has presented at multiple national and international platforms focusing on digital design tools. She is excited to collaborate with senior technologists and has numerous patents spanning across domains of typography and machine intelligence. She strives to lead and collaborate with global teams to build meaningful products with great user experience and foster creative culture and growth across organisations.

  • Peter Qu

    Peter Qu DU XIAOMAN FINANCIAL Design Director


Artificial Intelligence Constructs a New Pattern of Computing

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Session R2
Meeting room 三楼报告厅
Time 11/20 09:01-12:01
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Introduction of the summit

In the long history of mankind, computing has gone through different stages of development, from computing that may appear in Oracle Bone Inscriptions in ancient times to commercial computing, scientific computing, and their subdivision computing forms, such as artificial intelligence, numerical analysis, 5g, big data, cloud computing, etc. In recent years, the enterprises taking the lead in the application of artificial intelligence have made some achievements, which makes the latecomers more urgent to speed up the digital transformation. A successful transformation requires enterprises to grasp the key points of digital and analysis transformation, including finding business significance, building corresponding data ecosystem, developing or purchasing appropriate intelligent tools, adjusting workflow, and so on Enhance the ability of enterprises.

This smart computing summit will focus on the three aspects of digitization, artificial intelligence and smart tools, and invite a number of experts from the world's top technology companies to explore with us how to build a computing ecosystem with smart computing as the core in the smart era, strengthen the influence and comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises in the industry, and make them global innovative and leading in the field of computing, Fully release the potential of intelligent computing power.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《Digital Human: Upgrading the Digital Process of Human Beings》
    Speaker:Shiyan Li Baidu,Baidu AI Clould HCI Lab Leader

    In essence, digital human and robot are the core applications of the two wealth creation systems of information and energy. I am responsible for both these two businesses and the design management of the two product groups at Baidu. Especially in the field of digital people, we have made great progress in the past year. The digital people designed by our team have begun to provide financial services for users in Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Everbright Bank and other places offline. The digital people designed by our team have been on the 54rd Party of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and the digital people's small C has interviewed deputies of the National People's Congress between the two sessions to help users understand political affairs and state affairs, Zhurong Mars rover digital human, driven by digital star operation platform, is the only Mars rover digital human in the world. The digital all-in-one machine designed by our team won the design award.

    In this speech, I will share the following core contents based on the past cases of digital people:

    1. From the perspective of big history, we can see the development law and process of information and capability systems, and how to define the business you are engaged in.
    2. The essence, classification, development stages, design methods and thinking of digital human products.
    3. How does user experience drive short-term and long-term value verification of digital people.
    4. How does Baidu view digital people as a new digital type from the perspective of business and user experience.
    5. When we are faced with a new digital type like digital human, how to cut into the application value system with the view of history and user experience.

    Work Case
    • Xiao Yang, the digital man who is on the 54th party
    • Digital star operation platform
    • Robot fashion
    • Niro-max robot
  • Speech 2:《Digital Twin : Design Strategies for Smart Manufacturing + Virtual Factories 》
    Speaker:Ryan Lai GREE,Director of UX Design

    With the technological development of the digital twin, the implementation of virtual factories has been pushed to the forefront, and how to accomplish the organic integration of multiple design sciences for virtual factory design has become a new topic for companies and design teams to tackle.

    How can digital building technology be used to provide a multi-dimensional information space with immersion, interactivity and conceptualisation, facilitating the realisation of human-computer interaction design? How can digital tools be embedded into product design, research and development, production planning, production management and the entire value chain, bringing changes to the manufacturing industry, using internet technology to monitor and track data and visualise operational processes?

    This presentation will take the construction of Gree's unmanned factory for intelligent manufacturing as an example, and share the structure and content of the "physical factory + virtual factory" from the perspective of the whole life cycle of the factory construction. The workshop also examines the key role of virtual factory technology in the whole lifecycle of a smart factory. The seminar will help the audience to understand the application of digital twin technology and how to enhance the user experience and business value of the virtual factory.

    Work Case
    • Solutions for the Smart Factory
    • How to create a digital twin design strategy
    • How to build a digital space
    • GREE Gaolan Port Smart Factory
  • Speech 3:《Artificial and Human Intelligence in the workplace》
    Speaker:Doug Walston Microsoft,Design Director

    I will introduce Microsoft Viva Topics, a system leveraging AI and human expertise to turn content into usable knowledge, organize that knowledge into topic pages and make it easy to discover and use.

    Work Case
    • Viva Topics
    • Viva Topics
    • Viva Topics
    • Viva Topics
  • Speech 4:《Scene Experience Innovation Thinking in the Digital Era》
    Speaker:Run Yang Lenovo Group,Director & Distinguished Designer

    Under the background of digital era, product innovation does not only point to the functional level. With the rapid development of big data and intelligence, and the mining of new needs of users, the relationship between users and products is also being redefined. How to present products and services in a scene way, how to use new thinking, mode and method to make design boost the upgrading and transformation of traditional industries, and how to empower the development of the industry has become an important issue. As a leading enterprise in the PC industry, Lenovo is also actively exploring digital transformation and evolution in recent years.

    Based on Lenovo's strategic transformation in the three major fields,this summit speech will ’analyse the concept and significance of the change of scene experience thinking in the digital era and provide the basis for the research of design strategies and methods for product and service mode innovation. Though the sharing of three different design cases, the speech will explain how to integrate requirements/improve efficiency/create typical products and scenarios of “tech+design”in SIOT field.

    The core contents of the summit are as follows:
    1. Lenovo's exploration and breakthrough of intelligent transformation
    According to the layout of AI, big data, cloud, edge computing and other technologies, Lenovo's intelligent transformation not only focuses on smart products, but also is committed to building industry intelligent solutions. In the future, around the three directions of Smart IOT, Smart Infrastructure and Smart Vertical, Lenovo will actively promote the 3S intelligent strategy, and strive to become the leader and empowerer of intelligent transformation.

    2. The concept, significance and evolution of scene experience thinking in the digital age
    2.1 In the digital era, the quality of user experience not only depends on the functional attributes and quality of the product itself, but also comes from the service scenarios built around the product itself. Scene experience thinking reflects the user centered business innovation thinking
    2.2 In the traditional era, the interaction between users and devices is gradually transformed into an interconnection scene composed of user groups and device groups in the digital era
    2.3 The realization and promotion of business value by the evolution of scene experience thinking

    3. Innovative application of scene experience thinking
    3.1 Application of scene experience thinking in Lenovo's digital transformation (smart medical field)
    3.2 Scenario experience thinking help to innovate from one single product to total systematized solution
    3.3 Scene experience innovation change the original product form factor / architecture / service to create new business value in the digital trend

    Case study:
    1. Design and development of Lenovo smart vest
    2. Service design of Lenovo chronic disease management system
    3. Design of Lenovo NAS T1

    Work Case
    • Personal cloud storage for data intelligence
    • Lenovo smart vest for vertical industry digitization
    • Product intelligence characteristics
    • Intelligent architecture in digital age
  • Speech 5:《The Visual Lens - Learning from Design Inspirations》
    Speaker:Mrinalini Sardar Adobe Illustrator,Design Manager

    Digital artists often browse large collections of digital artwork to get inspiration for their projects and to learn how to improve their skills. They may browse artwork from many different locations, such as social media or artistic portfolio collections such as Behance. The key obstacle that such artists often face is that upon finding another piece of art that they are excited by, they do not have a good idea of how to proceed with learning more about how this artwork was created and what steps they could take to make progress towards learning how to incorporate and create their own artwork.

    The primary goal of the Visual Lens technology is to help creatives learn from rasterized images and artworks and connect parts of the artwork back to the tools that were used to create it. This can enable them to find specific learning content such as video tutorials that will help them. The Visual Lens can also estimate certain parameters of the tools that it detects in the analyzed image, which can help an artist quickly experiment with the tool and experiment with using it in their own artwork.

    Work Case
Target Audience

1. Interaction designer, product designer
2. Design team leader, design manager
3. Product Manager
4. Creative engineer, developer
5. People who are interested in AI, big data, cloud computing, digitization, intelligent tools, etc

Participants Benefit

1. Master the frontier method of using artificial intelligence to obtain practical benefits and breakthrough development opportunities for enterprises
2. Understand the innovation mode and new architecture of artificial intelligence and intelligent tool products
3. Learn how to improve the intelligent, efficient, reliable and agile capabilities of enterprises, improve their operation and enhance their competitiveness

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