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Volunteer Application

2021 International Experience Design Conference Volunteer Agreement

2021 International Experience Design Conference, organised by IXDC, is the world's leading event for user experience innovation.Upholding the purpose of the conference, following the principle of learning together and working together to serve the 2021 International Experience Design Conference. Please read the following carefully:

I. Pre-conference training and arrival time: To be confirmed

II. Conference working hours: To be confirmed

III. Scope of work: Assist the guest speaker to carry out workshop-related affairs, service reception, media publicity, printing and production of event-related forms, event site set-up, venue consultation, on-site order maintenance, video and photography, material purchase, and others.

IV. The event organizer will provide volunteers with: 2 pieces of volunteer uniforms for the IXDC; a volunteer work card for the IXDC; a volunteer certificate for the IXDC; free participation in the IXDC and related workshops (to be determined according to the work schedule); and the working meal allowance during the conference .

V. Volunteers need to provide: Copy of ID card, real contact number and other relevant personal information.

VI. Related notes: 1. The organising committee is obliged to inform volunteers of true, accurate and complete information about the background and objectives related to the content of the volunteer service.
2. The Organizing Committee is obliged to provide corresponding working conditions for volunteers to engage in volunteer services within the scope of volunteer services agreed in this agreement.
3. The organizing committee is obliged to provide the necessary training and guidance to volunteers and to assist them in solving objective difficulties encountered in volunteer activities in a timely manner.
4. The Organising Committee has the right to select and examine qualifications, service ability and suitability of volunteers for volunteering activities in accordance with its own needs and selection criteria.
5. The Organising Committee has the right to request volunteers to provide true identity information, documents and personal information such as academic and expertise qualifications to prove their ability and level of service.
6. The organizing committee has the right to deploy and manage volunteers as necessary in accordance with the content and work-related capacity of the volunteer service. It is responsible for complying with the relevant rules and regulations of the conference and obeying the unified management, arrangement and deployment of the conference based on volunteer services and activities.
7. Volunteers are responsible for treating the volunteering activities they participate in with integrity and completing the promised volunteering work continuously and uninterruptedly during the service period.
8. Volunteers are responsible for not infringing on the legitimate rights and interests of third parties in their volunteering activities, consciously maintaining the external reputation of the Conference, volunteer status and the volunteer activities they engage in, and not doing anything contrary to this.
9. If the volunteer does not comply with the relevant regulations of the conference or does not obey the work arrangements of the organizing committee during the conference, this agreement will be terminated immediately and the volunteer status of the International Experience Design Conference will be cancelled.

The Organizing Committee Of the International Experience Design Conference January 2021