We are young, because of love
  • Qu Kai Qu Kai bilibili Vice President

    Qu Kai has been serving and researching the youth group as the Vice President since he joined bilibili in 2014. He has rich experience in product experience design and brand visual expression of the young group.
    Qu kai is one of the earliest experience designers in China. He started his career in Jinshan in 2001 and has been devoted to the research and practice of Internet experience design for 17 years. He is always at the forefront of design. In 2006, he entered the design research of Internet. In 2014, he devoted himself to the research of product design and user experience of ACG and young people.

We are young, because of love

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Session S3
Meeting room 二楼-宴会厅
Time 11/16 14:00-17:30
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

bilibili is a platform dominated by UGC creation, and "love" runs through the product design. Love is a series of complex emotions, including curiosity about the world, resonance of feelings and kindness to others. Love is the most indispensable part of our growth and life; Love is the reason why UP owners devote their time and energy to creating and communicating in the circle of interest. How to stick to the health of a community that focuses on interest, creativity and energy is the most important goal of the bilibili’s product experience design team.

This keynote speech will tell attendees about the understanding of the content, users and creators ecology of bilibili on the basis of emotion, in a young people oriented creative community:

1. How to build community construction and product design standards according to the most original starting point.
2. How to insist on its own characteristics, promote benign interactions and satisfy the well-intentioned communication of users in the era of age flow first.
3. How to personalize the brand and export values

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