The Acquisition of Information in The Age of Intelligence —— From Search to Question Answering
  • Li Qing Li Qing Sogou Search Senior Design Director

    Li Qing has been engaged in design for 13 years, and has been responsible for user experience design of input method, business, search and other platform products in Sogou. Currently, she led the design team to support more than 10 product lines related to Sogou Search, and Sogou Search brand and operation. Good at effective design management, she inspires the team to think about design from the perspective of business and value, leads the team to constantly improve user experience, and maximizes the design resources and value.

The Acquisition of Information in The Age of Intelligence —— From Search to Question Answering

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Session S1
Meeting room 二楼-宴会厅
Time 11/16 14:00-17:30
Type Speech
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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After more than 20 years of development, search engine is one of the most common tools for users to obtain information. Gradually along with the development of The Times, the input form diversification, the answer in the form of information has become increasingly rich, the depth of the artificial intelligence and big data involved, search engines also ushered in its transformation, from the previous user input text, search engine by means of collecting information for user query results computed text matching, to the user input text, voice or even picture now, recommended to the user directly by machine intelligence to understand after the most satisfactory results and answer. Search has evolved from a text query to a large comprehensive intelligent search engine.

This keynote speech will focus on the scenario demand case of Sogou search. From the analysis of user's question intention to the accurate answer, and how the answer can be obtained more efficiently by users because of the help of design; Then, it expands to the practical application of artificial intelligence in several vertical fields, such as image recognition case and photo shopping case, and introduces how the technology, algorithm and experience design behind it are closely combined to make the way for users to obtain information more convenient and fast.

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