Post-growth Era——How Design Generate New Product Growth
  • Judy Zhang Judy Zhang Tencent P&P Design Senior Interaction Designer

    Zhang Yun is a senior interaction designer of Tencent P&P design center. Now she is mainly responsible for the design of oversea game related projects. Participated in some projects such as Tencent Game Platform、League of Legends、ROG Phone II、QQ Music and so no. Be interested in user behavior, and continuous study on conversion rate and impact of design on product growth.

Post-growth Era——How Design Generate New Product Growth

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Session E6
Meeting room 303B
Time 12/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction User Operation
keynote content
Content Introduction

The workshop will share the topic about how to find the design opportunities for product growth by“conversation with users”with participants. User behavior is the “language” that users are using to tell us what they think of our product and design. There are two methods for “conversation with users” - marketing conversation and behavioral conversation.

The entire workshop will introduce product growth through the perspective of designer, and then use the capabilities of designer to find the opportunities of growth in different project stages and different parts of user experience lifecycle. Designer could be capable of being greater design value to product, besides delivering an better user experience.

Main contents
It describes the relationship between growth and design. Which one is the valid way to driven growth?Marketing or Testing?

2.Marketing conversation
This part shows the case of Wegame that how to define the target users and found the effective ways of communicate with them in different phrase of project.

3.Behavioral conversation
This part introduces the methods and toolkits of finding out the product growth opportunities through A/B testing and user experience lifecycle. I will share multiple design cases and aim to lead participants to learn how to identify design opportunities.

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction of topic
2、Key definitions of “marketing conversation” and case analysis
3、Hands on practice 1
4、Key definition of “behavioral conversation” and case analysis
5、Hands on practice 2
6、Retrospective summary and Q & A

Target Audience

1、User experience designers/Product designers
2、User interface designers
3、Participants of internet products who are interested in design-driven growth

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about how to find the opportunities of product growth by designer;
2、Introduction of design flow for A / B testing to improve the design efficiency and quality of the test;
3、Learning how to use the method“conversation with users” to analyze the user experience, and make your design more convince-able.

Work Case
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