E-commerce Creative Marketing Design Methods
  • Lu Cai Lu Cai JDC Senior Visual Designer

    Currently working as a senior visual designer in Jingdong Operation Design Department. He is mainly responsible for the main venue, content venue, interactive communication and other activities in key marketing events such as 618, Double 11, Double 12, New Year's Day, and vertical categories. Management work. Worked as a visual designer in Taobao C1 design department, Tencent marketing activities design, responsible for marketing activities related design, and promoted the promotion of visual system construction and marketing creative solutions. He graduated from Jiangxi Fashion Institute with a Bachelor of Animation Design.

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E-commerce Creative Marketing Design Methods

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Session G2
Meeting room 301B
Time 12/20 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Marketing Promotion
keynote content
Content Introduction

In the complex environment of various projects, user needs have diversity and complexity. How can e-commerce designers use their own quality and ability to dismantle insights step by step to achieve business goals, and at the same time strengthen self-perception insights and deep emotional appeals of users.

This workshop focused on the importance of the analysis of the rational quality of the method and process, and did not underestimate the role of perceptual quality in the design event. Humanity. While switching between different qualities and applications to drive business growth, more "texture, humanities" scheme output improves user pleasure.

The speaker will quote a large number of e-commerce cases such as Jingdong Fashion, Internet Hospital, etc. in key marketing events such as Jingdong 618, Double 11, Double 12, New Year's Day, vertical categories and other key marketing events. Focusing on design methods such as "user emotion blueprint, emotional drawer, peak-end principle, and effect evaluation", explain how to use emotional thinking to diverge from the "insight positioning, goal setting, early brainstorm, design landing, project review" and other links. Thinking switching and coordination, building emotional bonds with users to enhance user pleasure.

The content of this workshop includes:
1、Systematic cognition and value expression of perceptual thinking, in-depth understanding of the role value of perceptual thinking in each link
1.1 Cognition and Value of Perceptual Thinking System
1.2 In-depth understanding of the role of emotional thinking in each link

2、Switching between the two qualities of sensibility and rationality to meet more demands
2.1 Rational ability to solve problems through content insight / visual insight / technical insight from the changes in the emotional blueprint of users and design practitioners;
2.2 Perceptual drawer: The creative application of perceptual ability e-commerce, broken through the linear process, self-observation of the value, and solve the problem by the peak-end principle;
2.3 Switch between the two qualities, empathy refining-correlation search-reset and replacement to meet more demands
2.4 User Emotion Blueprint: From the changes in the emotional blueprint of users and design practitioners, find a more suitable entry point to solve the problem through circle culture-user characteristics-
2.5 The transformation value generated by different users' demands for stratification, the goal-oriented rapid shunting and goal-ambiguity enhanced content experience

3、E-commerce content emotional marketing application forms (scenario creation, scenario restoration, content emotional implantation, etc.)
3.1 Scenario Transformation: Usually we will be in the store, and we will use some scenarios to make the user feel familiar and more in line with the demands of the store. (Sales and information)
Case: New Year's Festival scene The venue strengthens the importance of goods in the middle of the year by transforming the annual customs scene

3.2 Contextual Reduction: Sensitivity is based on the first cognition of cognition, and from the perspective of the user, through the reduction of familiar scenes and processes.
1. The Internet hospital restores the user's feelings and operation interface;
2. line friends use scene restoration;

3.3 Content Emotional Implantation Use emotional maps (movement of joy, calm, soothing, sympathy and sorrow) to pave the way through stories, bring in context, form psychological connection with users, and pass on our demands.
1. Joy and Heron: Use emotions to implant the ups and downs of the plot to drive user emotions
How to perform in visual execution

Structure and Agenda

1、Group ice-breaking: fun warm-field test to familiarize each other and introduce the topics of this course
2、Content sharing: Detailed analysis of the mutual transformation and process of perceptual rationality between users and project designers in combination with case systems
3、Group practice: how to conduct e-commerce content-based planning
4、Achievement discussion: Share and mutual evaluation of project practice results in groups
5、Communication: Q & A and open communication

Target Audience

1、Interaction designer with 1-2 years
2、Product operation for more than 2 years
3、Product designer for more than 3 years, e-commerce designer
4、Students who are interested in emotional thinking and e-commerce content

Participants Benefit

1、The system deeply understands the switching and coordination of the emotional and rational demands of users and implementers;
2、Harvest the application methods, process logic, and value measurement of designing emotional thinking in e-commerce;
3、How to establish the reserve and training of emotional thinking;

video introduction
JOY and Heron: Use emotion implantation plots to drive user emotions
Work Case
  • Switch between emotional and rational qualities
  • Breaking and Rebuilding Rational Thinking
  • Refined user layering
  • Line friend event operation
  • November 11 Shopping Festival boot screen
  • JD Clothing Channel
  • JOY and heron
  • New year's festival scene
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  • Refined user layering 38
  • Line friend event operation 48
  • November 11 Shopping Festival boot screen 58
  • JD Clothing Channel 68
  • JOY and heron 78
  • New year's festival scene 88
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