Design for Monetization——Design Support Under Revenue Goals
  • Qin Zhang Qin Zhang Netease Cloud Music Design Director

    The current head of NetEase Cloud Music Design Center is currently responsible for the visual and interactive design management of NetEase Cloud Music's entire platform. Worked at NetEase for 10 years, focusing on product visual experience design and branding design, and experienced the full platform visual design of NetEase Cloud Music from the beginning to the present. Has rich experience in visual design of user experience, good at mobile Internet application innovative experience design, from multi-latitude design ideas and research to solve problems encountered in the design of the product, from the design stage to drive product experience optimization to achieve design value, successfully have a number Design innovation patent.

    Committed to creating a commercial product that empathizes with users.

Design for Monetization——Design Support Under Revenue Goals

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Session A7
Meeting room 305
Time 12/17 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction User Operation
keynote content
Content Introduction

NetEase Cloud Music is a product created by NetEase based on discovering and sharing music. Relying on professional musicians, DJs, friend recommendations and social functions, online music services feature playlists, social, big-name recommendations and music fingerprints, creating a brand new for users. Music life, has now served more than 800 million users.

Explore the design revenue and how the design can better support the product, the support strength and value points of the design at different stages and requirements of the product, and summarize the design of revenue and monetization to improve the design existence and value.

Through the workshop, participants can be made aware of the design support methods for the purpose of monetization and revenue, including different support strengths and effective support points for designers at different stages of revenue design. The right to speak under the revenue system.

Specific content to be learned in the workshop:
1.How to disassemble revenue targets and match resources
1.1 Small Design and Big Revenue Goals: The differences and relationships between design goals and revenue goals, and how to disassemble the matching of design resources based on revenue goals.
1.2 The dismantling of the target work method: the target of the phase / design resource input and the standard of the output are determined.
1.3 Matching design resources based on goals

2.Fast design support in innovative projects
2.1 The clearest target, the shortest route / application of the first-principle principle: Establishing phased goals and eliminating unnecessary requirements beyond the target. The first-principle principle is used to frame the scope and delimit the boundary.
2.2 Disputes and resolution during rapid implementation
2.3 How to ensure that progress and time are fast: how to improve the efficiency to resolve disputes in the process through phased goals / collection and co-construction.
2.4 How to quickly verify design correctness

3.Design support for existing projects-fast and slow
3.1 Pre-judgment of demand for fast / slow output
3.2 Two effective ways to merge

4, better emotions, better cash
4.1 Forefront of Revenue-Live Gifts
4.2 Increase in earnings from emotional enrichment: The increase in earnings from emotions positively correlates emotions with earnings.
Emotional characteristics: analysis of emotional characteristics of different users and different psychology
Element extraction: Extract visual element matches based on user emotions
Establish associations: Match visual elements based on psychological characteristics to build resonance and sympathy with users
· Verification summary: Measure the verification data of the adjustment plan after revenue, analyze and then iterate
· Routineization: establish animation library (gift in Taiwan)

5. Senior experience and experience as a designer in revenue and realization

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: content summary and introduction
2、Philosophical explanation: explain the ability elements and methods of designers in revenue and monetization
3、Case analysis: explain with innovative products how to quickly output the output of dual satisfaction (design goal / demand goal)
4、Practice and interaction: The method and practice of effective rapid output and verification of grouping propositions
5、Q & A: free communication / question answering
6、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Visual designer, interaction designer, revenue related project designer
2、Designer, design manager, design supervisor
3、Internet practitioners, those who are interested in Internet revenue

Participants Benefit

1、Recognize design support methods for the purpose of monetization and revenue
2、Learn the different support strengths and effective support points for different stages of revenue design
3、Dismantle ways to improve competitiveness in the workplace, and design support points

Work Case
  • Design supports rapid business development
  • Emotional forward link earnings
  • Animation visualization
  • Audio interface
  • Whale Cloud Sound
  • Commercial customization
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  • Emotional forward link earnings 26
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