Thinking of Design Leadership in the Period of Change
  • Lili Zhai Lili Zhai Baidu AR Design Manager

Thinking of Design Leadership in the Period of Change

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Session E5
Meeting room 303A
Time 12/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
keynote content
Content Introduction

How can a team achieve the value output of 1 + 1 greater than N?

Effective leadership plays an important role in it. There are great differences in the management concepts between the East and the West whether there is an established model of leadership that can be learned and reused. For the design team, there is usually no intuitive / clear evaluation standard for the good or bad of the output, and the verification path between innovative design output and business value is longer, which makes the leadership of the design team more difficult.

This sharing will analyze how the design team can promote innovative output and how to solve the core problems in the landing process by combining with the practical cases that have been landing in a number of Baidu products, so as to analyze the five dimensional model of design team leadership and clarify the key elements in the five dimensional model. We hope to build the holistic cognition of design leadership through the five dimensional model, and form the applied guidance by explaining the key elements of the model, so as to have the concept and the method at the same time.

The environment and technology development we are facing are constantly changing, and the model of design leadership also needs to be iterated. What are the challenges and opportunities brought by the changes in the new era, and what changes should happen to design leadership? I also hope that we can discuss with colleagues openly and promote the development of design leadership.

The summit will share the following core contents:
1. The necessity / dilemma and breaking of design team leadership
2. Explore which roles need leadership and how to activate the team through leadership
3. How to effectively innovate output, promote landing and generate business value
4. Challenges and opportunities of design team leadership brought by the changes of the times

Structure and Agenda

Target Audience

1、A designer who is committed to being the head of the design team
2、The team leader who is committed to designing the innovative output of the team, can promote the implementation and generate business value
3、Designers who follow up the application of technology brought about by the changes of the times and have the need to cut in and transform

Participants Benefit

1、Understand how design leadership can effectively activate the team
2、How to lead a dynamic team to produce innovative design, landing and generate business value
3、The change of ability latitude for designers in the new era
4、How can the design team understand the changing trend of Technology / industry and respond quickly

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