Opening Up Effective Design of New Retail Online and Offline Services
  • Yuekui Li Yuekui Li SUNING.COM GROUP UED Director

    He is currently the UED director of Suning Tesco Group and is responsible for pan-smart retail UED. During the period, more than 10 invention and appearance patents were exported, and he was responsible for major iterations and launch conferences of Suning Tesco products. He has been in the UED industry for 13 years and has experienced OTA, pan-entertainment, communications, shared renting, retail and other industries. Among them, more than 15 invention patents have been output by the mobile communication design. In the past, he was the guest speaker of the 5th Suning UED Conference, the guest speaker of the service design section of the 2nd China International Service Trade Fair, and the guest speaker of service design organized by UXREN. He once worked as a senior interaction designer in the user experience design department of the intelligent mobile terminal BU of Lenovo Group (Shanghai).

    No matter how the times change, and the advancement of science and technology is all about people's demands.

Opening Up Effective Design of New Retail Online and Offline Services

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Session B4
Meeting room 302B
Time 12/17 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Service Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

When our existing experience has precipitated and design principles are facing challenges, service design methods and principles have been applied globally in the design of smart retail. As the industry changes, service design has penetrated into the top management echelon and gradually became recognized The principles of knowledge, judgment, and implementation, I hope to take this opportunity to discuss with you the practices of these years, and the changes in methods and principles in the design field of the smart retail industry.

Through the study in this workshop, the speaker will conduct a review and analysis on the fresh goods service chain of Suning Store, the service relationship between people and equipment, scenes and formats in Suning Life Plaza, and share new retail services. How the links are connected. It can help designers obtain the design methods, necessary competencies of service design in the field of smart retail, and the corresponding organizational composition and assessment methods. At the same time, it will also take everyone to participate in the interactive link to understand the design models and design guidelines of the smart retail industry. Form industry complementarity, expand design boundaries, and enhance the competitiveness of the user experience industry.

What you will learn in the workshop include:
1、Cognitive summary and design behavior induction of traditional user experience design
1.1 Users: From available to easy to use.
1.2 Service Providers: From feasible to efficient, to efficient.
1.3 Design Behavior Induction:
· Building a crowd
· Unified goals
· Develop a service blueprint
· Component verification process

2、The mapping relationship between the composition and design of smart retail
Smart retail consists of multiple scenarios, online and offline. When implementing the design, you need to understand that different design methods are involved in the whole scenario. Different scenarios apply different methods, but a complete method system is required to integrate various types of work to achieve Effective fusion of all scenes.

3、The value and application of service design thinking in smart retail
3.1 User Process: Understand the diversity of user needs and the differences between scenarios.
3.2 Supply-side process: Structure the supply-side and cultural structure.
3.3 Stakeholder process: sort out the relationship between stakeholders, users, and the supply side.
3.4 Interaction mode: To achieve interoperability and linkage between different roles.

4、Iterative design principles for all-scenario services
4.1 Before Service: Exploration and Discovery
4.2 Demand guidance:
· Make demand scenarios more reasonable
· Use physical space and online guidance
· Information identification

4.3 Designing a Service System
· Open up online and offline information flow
· Based on user timeline
· Visible services
· Establish clear task lines
· In service: actions and experiences

4.4 Service Guide
· Build a service blueprint
· Design identification system
· Build service contacts
· Reasonable space design

4.5 Enjoying Services
· Online and offline information exchange
· Ability to pay
· Logistics capabilities opened up
· Service consistency and coherence
· Terminal capability interworking

Structure and Agenda

1、Warm-up topic: throwing out the target problem and eliciting service design
2、Industry Interpretation: Status and Design of Smart Retail Industry
3、Theoretical basis: Summarize the traditional design industry and elicit service design theory
4、Member Ability: Where Can UED Member Ability Expand in the Smart Retailing Context?
5、Design Ecology: Reach the design vision, how to design a reasonable ecology for everyone
6、Interactive link: throw out common sense questions of the industry and discuss with participants

Target Audience

1、User Experience Designers over 1 and 3 years
2、User researcher over 2 years
3、Product manager

Participants Benefit

1、Be able to grasp how service design helps smart stores experience upgrade.
2、Understand and master the service experience process and overall design architecture, as well as the key focus points during the implementation process.
3、Master the main contact methods and tools involved in service design.
4、In-depth analysis of service design cases, exploring new models from the integration of online retail and offline retail formats in the retail industry.

Work Case
  • Suning Life Plaza
  • Suning shop
  • Suning unmanned store
  • Design methodology
  • Design methodology
  • Design methodology
  • Design methodology
  • Suning APP
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