User Research in E-commerce Channel Construction
  • Caiyue Shen Caiyue Shen JD User Research Expert

    He is currently a JD user research expert. He is currently in charge of JD APP business user research and is committed to mobile e-commerce experience optimization and solution research. The core channels, members and other projects covered by the research cover the participation of tens of millions of users. He has 9 years of user research experience, worked in Taobao, and joined JD in 2014. He graduated from Zhejiang University of Science and Technology with a master's degree in engineering psychology.

    A good user experience is consistent with business value goals.

User Research in E-commerce Channel Construction

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Session A9
Meeting room 302B
Time 12/17 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction User Research
keynote content
Content Introduction

The e-commerce channel page, as an important position for e-commerce products, has undertaken the distribution of tens of millions of traffic. The e-commerce channel page serves as a traffic front, that is, to convey the strategy of the platform, and to create a browsing experience consistent with consumers' minds. In the ever-changing e-commerce environment, a variety of different types of channels are emerging. From vertical channels, tool channels, to marketing channels, and content channels, the methods and methods of user research also need to be adjusted and adapted accordingly. How to weigh the business value and experience value of the channel page of the e-commerce platform and promote user conversion is an important mission of user research in the different stages of the channel, which is unchanged.

This workshop will analyze the thinking, steps and application methods of user research on channel pages in combination with channel research cases on JD platform, and learn how to use channel research methods to solve the actual channel research and evaluation work through group exercises, and obtain channel page user research Methods, skills and experience.

The main contents of the workshop include:
1、A brief description of common channels in e-commerce platforms
1.1 Channel Scenario 1: Channel Construction Channel Stage
1.2 Channel Scenario 2: Channel Deep Optimization Phase
1.3 Channel Scenario 3: Channel Transformation Phase

2、The core thinking method of unified revision of e-commerce channel pages, people, goods, and markets
2.1 Analysis of the current status of e-commerce channel content
2.1.1 The basis for determining the three elements of the people's goods yard: from the elements of the channel
2.1.2 Current situation of people: Analyze the existing user characteristics and distribution of the channel through user portraits
2.1.3 Current Situation of the Goods: Analyze the channel's goods structure through the background transaction data
2.1.4 Status of the field: The user ’s appraisal and satisfaction assessment of the channel ’s attractiveness to users

2.2 E-commerce channel revision direction is determined
2.2.1 Determine the core indicators on the business side, and use the business indicators as the Polaris indicator to establish the optimization direction of coordinating people, goods and markets
2.2.2 People: Identify users who have important value to the channel from the dimensions of user spending power, platform user stickiness, and role purchase motivation.
2.2.3 Goods: Optimize product selection around key users, and assist in selecting products from the dimensions of consumption, such as brand, price, category, and function
2.2.4 Field: Combining the attractiveness of the existing sections of the channel with the consumer's consumption mind and experience channels to establish channel sections and priority suggestions for each section:
Advantage Zone-Reserved
· Patch area-keep the column, but need to optimize the experience
Opportunity area-ignore the column and not pay attention
· Maintenance area-no need to spend too much resources to improve

2.3 Verification Results of E-commerce Channel Revision
2.3.1 Through the usability test and eye tracking test, evaluate the rationality of night page layout & channel tone
2.3.2 After the channel goes live, use data effects to verify the attractiveness of the content and the rationality of the layout

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop content introduction: research steps and application of e-commerce channel page
2、Introduction of user research methods corresponding to channel page types
3、Group exercises: Select topics and practice ideas, steps, and methods for channel page research using methodologies
4、Summary and questions

Target Audience

1、junior and intermediate user researchers and user experience designers for 1-4 years
2、Product manager
3、Operation staff

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the best cut-in scenarios for channel revision studies, and use them as a reference for thinking and solving ideas for channel revision studies in actual work;
2、Learn the factor analysis thinking, and learn the channel person-goods-field three elements of research and analysis through group exercises;
3、The closed-loop research process of the learning channel revision, starting the whole process research thinking from diagnosis-oriented-verification;
4、Learn the idea of combining big data and thick data to achieve a rational and reasonable research model;

Work Case
  • Channel revision: unity of people / goods / field
  • Target user identification
  • Jingdong Digital Appliance Museum channel revision
  • JD APP home channel optimization and revision
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