Content design empowers business and enhances product data transformation
  • Ou Wei Ou Wei Tencent Director of Tencent Animation Design

    13 years working experience in Tencent, Senior Visual Designer, currently In charge of Tencent animation design, mainly responsible for Tencent animation design and content design for mobile products,

Content design empowers business and enhances product data transformation

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Session A1
Meeting room 伦敦
Time 10/25 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

The core of "Doing One Little Thing Well" is all about the animation content design. We will systematically explain how animation content design helps to improve the overall visual quality of animation. At the same time, we will explain how active design thinking helps to convert the artworks into products and promote the products in the market.The speech will be divided into three parts: 1. Improving the Visual Quality (how to improve visual quality from 0 to 1) 2. Empower Business (how to improve the leads conversion by using good content design.) 3.Building systematic design thinking (how to use systematic design thinking to solve business problems).
Content :
1.Quality Building
1.1Improves Visual Quality from “Point to Plane”
1.2Creating Brand Characteristics of Content
2.Design Empowerment
2.Conceptual Analysis of Content Embedded Design
2.2Specific Application of Content Embedding
2.3Expansion of Content Implantation
3.Systematic Design Thinking
3.1Establishment of Effective and Cooperative Echelon
3.2Systematization of Internal and External Procedures
3.3Research of Quantitative Tools

Structure and Agenda

1、Background Introduction of the Workshop: Is content important for the animation industry?
2、Methodological Analysis: Specific Explanation of the application"Point to Plane"+ "Exclusion"+ "Content Implantable Design"

Target Audience

1、Visual Designer
2、Anyone who is interested in operational content design

Participants Benefit

1、Gain a deep understanding of animation content design
2、 Learn specific ways to improve the quality of content design
3、Learn how to deeply interpret different IP works and design high-quality products
4、Help the designers to learn how to empower business by using their professional skills.

Work Case
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