User experience helps users refine operations
  • Meng Lingren Meng Lingren Alibaba Senior Interaction Designer

    I graduated from Hunan University with a master's degree in design.
    Now is the person in charge of Netease koala user product interaction, responsible for Netease koala user operation business.

User experience helps users refine operations

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Session C1
Meeting room 罗马
Time 10/26 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction
keynote content
Content Introduction

The mobile Internet traffic dividend period has passed, and the cost of acquiring, converting, and retaining users of major e-commerce companies is getting higher and higher. In this context, the user's refined operation has gradually become the most important business of major companies, and has also become a weapon to enhance the company's future competitiveness. I will share some examples of Netease koalas that have helped users refine their operations through user experience for more than three years. Including: new user acquisition, new customer conversion, old customer retention and membership (black card, red card) some experience.
main content:
1. Introduce the strategy and method of Netease Koala user experience to help users refine their operations.
2. Case analysis based on “user offline shopping cognition and habits”, “value stimulating users' subconscious mind to form memory”, and “silent cost” to achieve user experience goals and business goals.
3, data driven, through data feedback, improve awareness and adjust product accuracy.
4. Practical exercises: users of community group purchases have refined operations.

What do you learn for everyone?
1. Learn the practical case of Netease koala users' refined operation
2. Master the user experience to help users with refined operation design methods

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction
2、Case study: 1. New customer conversion case; 2. Old customer retention case; 3. Koala member case
3、Summary of design methods for user experience to help users fine-tune operations
4、Practical exercises: users of community group purchases, refined operations, brainstorming, analysis and practice, output design
5、Group results sharing
6、Exchange discussion and summary

Target Audience

1、Interaction Designer
2、User operator
3、Product manager

Participants Benefit

1、Learn about the practical case of Netease koala users' refined operation
2、Design method to master user experience and help users to refine their operations
3、Use the design method to complete an exercise

Work Case
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