How to apply the storytelling design thinking on the experience design
  • Mei Yingchun Mei Yingchun Microstrategy User experience architect

How to apply the storytelling design thinking on the experience design

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Session C4
Meeting room 403
Time 07/12 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

Interactive data visualization is very important in Business Intelligent industry. Using data visualization tools to explore the insights included pattern, trends, risks, ect. from the big data in a visual and intuitive way, to empower the business decision making.

In the workshop, we will explain the key concepts of Data Visualization, Business Intelligence (BI), Business Analytics (BA). Based on the analysis of business scenarios and user journey maps, introduce how to apply the storytelling design thinking on the experience design. Included, show up lots of the best practices from Microstrategy products such as HyperIntelligence, Dossier Library and Badge, ect. During the design time, a comprehensive design review process will be introduced to make sure the stakeholders are on the same page, and get to the final agreement with the empathy. After that, we will talk about the emerging technologies like AI, AR and machine learning. How the new techs can impact and enrich the scenarios of data visualization and driving the design trend accordingly. In the last session, the audience will have the opportunity to practice the storytelling design thinking with a given scenario and persona.

Structure and Agenda

1、 Data visualization and the applications in Business Intelligent industry.

2、Storytelling design thinking methods
3、The impact on interactive data visualization experience from the emerging techonlogies.
4、Design practice


Target Audience

1、User Experience designer
2、User researcher
3、Design managers
4、Students majored in design

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the BI industry data visualization application, as well as the relevant user research methods.
2、Understand how to use storytelling design thinking to design the interactive data visualization products.
3、Understand the application and impact of the emerging technologies on the interactive data visualization design.
4、Get the hands-on experience via the design practice.

Work Case
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