Sound Design-Let Your Product be Heard
  • Zhao Shenbin Zhao Shenbin Ford Sound Experience Designer

    He is a user experience designer and independent musician. He is the current Ford user experience/sound experience designer, responsible for the Ford brand's sound experience design. He is a former voice interaction designer at Nuance. He focuses on the car sound experience, including voice and cue sound interactive strategy design, sound design, etc. . He designed the product to land at home and abroad many well-known host factory, including Europe, Southeast Asia, domestic and other major markets. His design has won the Red Dot award and a number of patented inventions.

    Design concept: like a musical phrase, design is fusion and conflict, is a strong vitality.

Sound Design-Let Your Product be Heard

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Session A1
Meeting room 5F培训室01
Time 12/22 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Brand Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Sound is often underestimated because of its intangible properties. But our auditory system plays a crucial role in how we perceive the world. It is not only an organ that passively receives information, but also an important bridge between us and the outside world. We are instinctively in contact with sound, associating it deeply with our emotions. The sound design needs to take into account the overall positioning and style of the product. Different products may have different sound styles, such as warm, intimate, professional or technological. We need to determine the appropriate sound style according to the positioning of the product and the target user, in order to enhance the product's recognition and user stickiness.

In this workshop, we will introduce and deeply analyze the process of sound experience design through the case of "Lincoln's Sound Design and Voice Assistant", and explore how to design sound in your products. By understanding the characteristics and impact of sound, we can make better use of it to enhance the user experience of the product, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of the product and user satisfaction.

Workshop Content:
1、Brief introduction of sound experience design background
1.1 Some classic sound brand design cases
1.2 Why is sound so important?

2、Deep connection between sound and brand
2.1 Emotional interpretation of sound effects
2.2 The power of audio identification
2.3 Classification of sound trademarks

3、Art and method of sound design
3.1 Classification of sound effects
3.2 Contact points for interaction between voice and user
3.3 Methods for designing sound effects

4、Lincoln sound design case
4.1 DSO sound system
4.2 Detailed explanation of audio design cases for assisted driving

5、Tools for sound design
5.1 Instruments, synthesizers and samplers (simple tools on your phone such as library band)
5.2 DAW Audio Workstation
5.3 AI Music Tools

6、Practice: How to design sound in your products
6.1 Know your brand and products
6.2 Design a sound logo that works for you
6.3 Think about your product and the user's sound touch points
6.4 Designing sound for sound contacts
6.5 Display and sharing


Structure and Agenda

1、Background in audio experience design
2、Design method and case sharing
3、Sound Design Tools: AI tools and Daw Workstations
4、Practice: how to design sound in your product
5、Q&A free exchange

Target Audience

1、All Automotive/consumer electronics/internet practitioners interested in sound experience design
2、Junior/Intermediate Product, User Experience Designer
3、Junior/intermediate product manager

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the strategies and ideas of audio experience design
2、Understand the method and process of sound design
3、Gain confidence in the sound design of your products

Work Case
  • The characteristic classification of sound trademarks
  • The impact of sound design on products
  • Lincoln car sound experience design
  • Lincoln car sound experience design
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