The Commercialization of Digital People in the Wave of Large-scale and Spatial Computing
  • Li Shiyan Li Shiyan Baidu Head of Digital People and Robotics Business

    Head of Baidu's digital human and robot business, managing product development, operation and commercialization of the business. Deeply engaged in big models and spatial computing related applications, it is a benchmark product leader in artificial intelligence that has been fighting on the front line of business for many years. He used to be the architect and head of the human-computer exploration laboratory of Baidu Artificial Intelligence Interaction Design Institute, an enterprise tutor of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and one of China's top ten service design youths, with 50+ patents and 10+ papers.

The Commercialization of Digital People in the Wave of Large-scale and Spatial Computing

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Time 08/04 13:30-17:30
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Language Mandarin
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Content Introduction

With the rapid development of large-scale models and spatial computing, the commercialization of digital people has become a hot field. Digital person is a kind of virtual person, which can simulate the appearance, language and behavior of real human being. Baidu's core team of AI, computer graphics and speech recognition experts are working on how to apply AI to the creation and production of virtual characters.

In this talk, I will explore the development of digital people in Baidu, its production processes, core technologies, and their integration with large-scale modeling and spatial computing. In addition, I will talk with you about the digital man commercialization of the track and path. In short, in the context of large-scale model and spatial computing, the commercial application of digital people has broad prospects. We look forward to seeing more enterprises and institutions devote themselves to research and application in the field of digital human, and jointly promote the development of artificial intelligence technology.

Participants Benefit

1、Learn more about digital people in Baidu
2、Learn the intersection of big models, spatial computing, and digital people
3、Understand the path to commercialization for digital people

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Work Case
  • AI sign language platform
  • Digital people live broadcast platform
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