Design for User Certainty -- Enabling Business to Shape New Travel Experience
  • Guo Liteng Guo Liteng DiDi Design Expert

    I am currently an expert in Didi Travel experience design and the person in charge of experience design of Huaxiaozhu Taxi business. I have been engaged in the design industry for 13 years and have worked in Baidu MUX and letV. Since I joined Didi in 2016, my work content has covered the product experience design of various business lines of private car, carpool and flower Piglet. I have led and participated in the definition and construction of several 0-1 project design systems, aiming to create new travel experience of full link through systematic design thinking.

    Design concept: Design is people-oriented. Good design and experience can make users have positive emotions and sense of identity in the process of using the product, which is the most intuitive feeling for the brand

Design for User Certainty -- Enabling Business to Shape New Travel Experience

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Session G2
Meeting room 301B
Time 08/06 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the development of the travel industry, travel services have tended to be mature and standardized. After meeting basic travel demands, users have higher demands for travel platforms and start to pursue more definite travel feelings at the experience level: certainty of price, certainty of having a car, certainty of waiting time for a car, etc.

In this context, how can the design team of Xiaozhu further improve users' travel experience in terms of product experience and perception through design insight?

In this workshop, I will integrate several design cases at both ends of the Piglet Taxi experience upgrade project, focusing on how the design team takes into account business innovation and business demands in the upgrading of new travel experience, and breaks the game in the standardized experience. From the level of product power, experience and perception, Create a more deterministic travel experience for users such as "cheap", "more cars" and "fast pick-up and driving".

The speech content of this workshop is as follows:
1. A review of certainty
1.1 The concept of certainty and its value
1.2 Basic embodiment of certainty in travel from the perspective of users

2. How to create a definite travel experience for users
2.1 Experience Upgrade Project Background and Status quo
2.2 Comprehensive internal and external reasons, explain why to upgrade the experience
2.3 Design challenges and Opportunities to experience the upgrade

3. A case of definite experience design
3.1 Full link deterministic design insight and experience model
3.2 Relevance and core issues in deterministic design
3.3 User-centered, create a deterministic experience of the whole link contact
3.4 Define experience measurement indicators and design associated indicators

4. Be awestruck in deterministic experience design
4.1 Deterministic Experiences Avoid "Over-design"
4.2 Deterministic experience solves the core demands

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: Content introduction
2、Design concept sharing: Deterministic design concept in travel experience
3、Case analysis: Piglet Taxi company ride deterministic design case analysis
4、Practical activities: design related topics by grouping propositions
5、Q&A free communication

Target Audience

1、Beginning/Middle/Senior Interaction Designer, UI Designer, Visual Designer, Product Designer
2、Relevant practitioners in the travel industry
3、People who are interested in travel design

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the design ideas and methods of the experience upgrade of Piglet
2、How to better satisfy users' travel experience through deterministic design
3、Master the way of thinking and methods in travel design

Work Case
  • Price certainty perception shaping
  • Flower piglet by design
  • Experience upgrade framework
  • Order superiority perception
  • A definite travel experience
  • Design ideas of key contacts
Guess You Like
  • Price certainty perception shaping 16
  • Flower piglet by design 26
  • Experience upgrade framework 36
  • Order superiority perception 46
  • A definite travel experience 56
  • Design ideas of key contacts 66
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