AI Power-assisted Experience Design Improves Efficiency
  • Hong Rongjing Hong Rongjing JD Visual Designer

    I am currently a JDC visual designer of JD Design Center. I entered the field of user experience design in 2013 and later joined JD. Mainly responsible for product design of JD App, JD Live streaming and JD Shopping channel, as well as design of large-scale projects such as 618 and Double 11. Good at design strategy from the early stage to the later verification iteration, focus on user experience improvement, good at trend insight and innovative design.

    Design Philosophy: Designers are evangelists in the digital age.

AI Power-assisted Experience Design Improves Efficiency

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Session B4
Meeting room 302B
Time 08/03 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

The designer's job is to unify subjective and objective demands into a solution process. When designing x AI, designers can demonstrate their subjective skills, such as creativity and empathy. AI, on the other hand, ensures that all objective inputs such as business requirements are taken into account. Design By working with AI, more efficient design solutions can be produced.

Experience design is a field where designers guide and create, while using AI tools such as ChatGPT to delegate repetitive and low-level tasks to AI. This approach not only improves design efficiency, but also allows designers to focus on the more complex and creative aspects of the design process. By working in tandem with AI, designers can create more impactful and innovative experiences for users.

In this workshop, the lecturer will lead the participants to understand how to apply AIGC in the design process from multiple dimensions and improve the efficiency of experience design by analyzing the specific cases related to experience design such as Jingdong Live Broadcast and Jingdong Shopping.

The sharing content mainly includes:
1. The savage growth of AI
1.1 The current craze for AI tools such as ChatGPT and Midjourney
1.2 AI is limited to the urgent integration of basic outputs such as text and pictures

2. When designing x AI
2.1 What is AIGC
2.2 Value of AIGC to designers
2.3 Design a new workflow of xAI -- AIUX

3. How do experience designers use AIUX (take Jingdong Live, Jingdong Shopping, etc. As an example)
3.1 Data cleaning: Use ChatGPT to analyze the data core
3.2 Insight Strategy: User scenario simulation release
3.3 Frame continuation: Designer x AI co-creation mode
3.4 Visual Redefinition: Train-generate design ideas

4. AI and Future design
4.1 Designers start the evangelist era
4.2 AI design cooperation opens more possibilities

Structure and Agenda

1、Background and content introduction of the workshop
2、Explanation of concept: Combined with intelligent model, generative design and other contents, analyze the division of labor and cooperation mode between AI and designers, and interpret the new positioning of designers in the era of intelligence
3、Case analysis: Explain the practical application scenarios of AI-assisted design based on experience design cases, such as Jingdong Live streaming and Jingdong Shopping
4、Practical interaction: Through group interaction, complete the experimental design of a virtual product with ChatGPT, UIzard and other tools
5、The Q&A session

Target Audience

1、Primary/intermediate product designer, full link designer
2、Beginning/Intermediate user Experience Designer
3、Beginner/intermediate visual Designer

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the cooperative mode of AI intelligent tools and design
2、Master the skills and application approaches of AI-assisted design
3、Improve the design efficiency in daily work according to my professional positioning and force direction

Work Case
  • Jingdong shopping experience enhancement
  • The changing role of the designer
  • Jingdong Daren home page upgrade
  • Design xAI co-creation mode
  • AIGC value trend for designers
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