New Form of Digital Culture | Multiple Gameplay and Creative Vision Help Cultural Innovation
  • Peter Wu Peter Wu Tencent CDC Senior Visual Designer

    Tencent CDC (User Research and Experience Design Department) senior visual designer. With more than 10 years of design experience, I have many years of product design experience in the fields of overseas audio and video tools, culture, tourism and government affairs, smart retail, digital culture protection and so on. He used to be the design leader of SnapTube (SnapPea Shenzhen International Department) and Bytedance product experience designer. The products designed to go to sea have more than 1 billion + users and 100 million + monthly active users.

    Design concept: Always adhere to the "friendly, useful, love" design concept for product exploration. Design can be loving and useful!

New Form of Digital Culture | Multiple Gameplay and Creative Vision Help Cultural Innovation

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Session F1
Meeting room 301B
Time 08/06 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Visual Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Entering the digital age, digital technologies represented by the Internet, big data, cloud computing, AI, etc. have injected new expressions and new ideas into cultural protection, and provided new possibilities for systematic protection. The word "protection" has also been endowed with fresh and new connotations. Huaxia's brilliant and profound culture and historical relics are being activated in the memory of people here and now through more diversified ways.

In this workshop, we will share with you new concepts and methods of popularizing cultural protection. At the same time, through the practical cases of Yunyou Great Wall and Yunyou Dunhuang digital cultural protection, we will talk about the visual creative design and exploration of multiple game-based gameplay in the case products. Learn and understand the differences in the form of digital cultural relics and product design points for different user groups, and explore the visual language design of digital cultural products. At the same time, we will extend our thinking and exploration, how to combine professional and rigorous cultural protection with relaxed and sensible communication, so as to arouse everyone's communication effect and at the same time truly realize the scientific significance of cultural protection.

The core contents of this workshop include:
1、Background idea: concept and digital cultural preservation in China today
1.1 Basic Background: Concept and Classification of Cultural Protection
1.2 Under the Epidemic: Digital Heritage Preservation-Cultural Protection in the New Era
1.3 Cultural protection + technology: Technology helps upgrade cultural protection and promotes new forms

2、Practical insights: the ingenuity and exploration in cultural heritage design projects
2.1 Practical ideas: analyze the core ideas of digital heritage protection from the perspective of crowd, positioning, function, and product matrix
2.2 Product case: Through the analysis of the Formosan series of cultural relics product ideas, looking for product innovation points
2.3 Visual language: Through design pre-research, feature extraction, and language induction, create visual features of cultural heritage products
2.4 Gameplay integration: the practice and connection of multiple gameplays in products

3、Exploration and thinking: the digital direction and future of cultural relic preservation
3.1 Game dissemination: cultural preservation games and game cultural preservation
3.2 Derivation from experience: Reflections on the experience of foreign digital cultural relics preservation

4、Group combat
4.1Select different cultural conservation projects in groups, try to use service experience design tools for analysis, propose design plans, and elaborate on the plans.

Structure and Agenda

1、Introduction to the theme of workshop.
2、Background Popularization of Science: interpretation of the characteristics and Exploration of Digital Cultural Protection.
3、Case analysis:Digital cultural insurancePractical casePlanning and visual extraction methodsShare.
4、Design Practice: Combining Methodology with Group Practical Exercises
5、Q&A interactive communication
6、Summary review

Target Audience

1、1-5 years Product Designer
2、Primary and intermediate Visual Designers
3、designers who interested in game communication

Participants Benefit

1、To help you understand the (digital) concept and the way of Cultural Protection.
2、Master through interactive practiceAnalysis of Cultural / Cultural relics characteristics-user Analysis-play DesignDesign method based on gisFlow process, insightCreativityPoint.
3、Lift up the method of extracting Visual Design for Cultural products thinking.

Work Case
  • About case | cloud gaming experience
  • Visual case | traveling the Great Wall
  • The theory about | game design
  • Interactive game | real experience
  • Elements of space design
  • Psychological process logic | user experience
Guess You Like
  • About case | cloud gaming experience 16
  • Visual case | traveling the Great Wall 26
  • The theory about | game design 36
  • Interactive game | real experience 46
  • Elements of space design 56
  • Psychological process logic | user experience 66
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