AI Opens a New Paradigm for the Future Industry
AI Summit
  • Wang Tingting Wang Tingting Baidu AI Cloud Head of User Experience Department

    I am currently the head of user experience department of Baidu AI Cloud, responsible for the design of hundreds of products in the business lines of cloud, AI, government affairs, finance, industry and so on. I have built a perfect To B product experience health management model and product experience strategy, which has exerted extensive influence on the promotion of product competitiveness. I used to be the leader of Baidu Business effect and information flow experience team, the initiator and leader of Baidu Business Light Design design system, responsible for the design and reconstruction of C-end advertising and B-end product group, helping to improve experience and increase market revenue.

    Design philosophy: adhere to the design to enable business innovation, to create sustainable value for enterprises

  • Zhang Haoran Zhang Haoran Motiff Vice President

    He is Vice President at Motiff. He has been responsible for zebra growth and quality products. He has led the team to create zebra encyclopedia and other well-known products. He was an early product manager at Zebra App, a leader in children's digital content. He has a deep understanding of the AI product design and development process, he also led the team that created China's first 3D interactive children's encyclopedia of digital content, “Zebra Encyclopedia.” He joined Motiff in 2022, looking to extend his design and growth experience in the field of AI products, ai-driven design industry productivity, so that designers out of the cumbersome work, return to the design itself.

  • Lv Tangjie Lv Tangjie Netease Head of AI Technology at Fuxi Lab

    Fu Xi, head of the AI research team at netease and a phd applied mathematics from Peking University, has worked at Netease and Tencent since graduation and has published more than 10 papers. During his time at Netease Fu XI, he was responsible for the research and landing of AI technology in games and pan-entertainment scenes, in-depth research has been conducted in the AI direction of intelligent decision-making, natural language processing, speech synthesis of facial expressions, role reconstruction, personalized matching and recommendation, etc. , and led the team in netease games, music, media, e-commerce and other scenarios to achieve the application of related technology landing.

  • Dong Tengfei Dong Tengfei Baidu MEUX Product Designer

    He is currently working at Baidu, responsible for content ecosystem user experience design, coordinating content ecosystem strategy products, artificial intelligence innovation products, content ecosystem operations, and other design work, working with organizations to create the ultimate user experience while empowering business. Used to work for Kwai, responsible for collaborative office, cloud, basic technology, and other design departments; Previously responsible for the design of Baidu Browser, Maps, Research Institute, and RDRN. Recently, I have been interested in the practical application of AGI and AIGC technologies. Design philosophy: With "simplicity and perfection" as the design philosophy, creating the ultimate user experience while empowering business, promoting design value and influence, and making life better through design.

  • Zhao Hanqing

    Zhao Hanqing Former JD User Center Manager

    He is the founder of AI Talk and a graduate of Tsinghua University's School of Fine Arts. He is a former head of the user centre and has worked for ebay and Alibaba on user product and experience design.

AI Opens a New Paradigm for the Future Industry

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Session R2
Meeting room 三楼报告厅
Time 08/05 09:01-12:01
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Artificial Intelligence
Introduction of the summit

The rapid development of AI technology in various fields has become an important force in promoting high-quality economic development in China. Driven by policies such as "new infrastructure" and "double cycle", the application of AI technology is becoming the key to a new round of industrial transformation.

From smart manufacturing to smart cities, from medical health to financial services, AI technology will redefine the mode of production, business model and service experience in various fields. In this context, AI technology has become the key to industrial transformation and upgrading. By exploiting the application of AI technology, we can realize the improvement of productivity and cultivate new industries, new business forms and new models with the help of AI technology. In addition, in the process of AI application and development, it is also necessary to endow AI with more excellent social values and responsibilities. Through responsible design and inclusive application, AI should be explored to develop towards a more sustainable, inclusive and just direction, so as to inject more positive energy into the future of mankind.

In this AI Summit, we will select excellent cases from multiple industries, focus on excellent cases from multiple industries, and in-depth analysis of the application and development trend of AI from the perspectives of industrial intelligence, energy efficiency improvement, experience improvement, security and value creation, and jointly discuss how to realize the industrialization of AI tools and teams, and build AI core. How to use AI to further improve energy efficiency, experience, safety and value; How to design AI responsibly to enable inclusive and sustainable development of enterprises, and make positive contributions to promoting high-quality economic development and building an innovative country.

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:《AI Grand Model Leads the New Era of Industrial Intelligence》
    Speaker:Wang Tingting Baidu AI Cloud,Head of User Experience Department

    With the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology and the emergence of large AI models, major breakthroughs have been made in computing power and data processing, bringing great opportunities and challenges to society. The application of large model-related technologies represented by generative AI will not only change the way of life and work of individual human beings, but also completely change the way of production and management of enterprises. It will provide more intelligent solutions for enterprises and become one of the core forces to promote the development of the new era.

    This sharing will interpret the development of artificial intelligence technology and the influence of AI grand model on human life and work experience, and analyze how AI grand model can shape new experience of industrial intelligence in thousands of lines and industries, so as to achieve a higher level of production and management efficiency. The main contents are as follows:
    1、Introduce the concept of AI grand model and related capabilities
    2、Introduce the application scenarios of Baidu Wenxin AI large model in manufacturing, finance, pan-entertainment and other industries, such as industrial automation, financial asset decision-making, intelligent creation, etc
    3、Explain how to reshape industrial intelligent experience based on "AI grand model" through practice cases such as Baidu intelligent creation platform and financial investment and research platform
    4、Forecast the development trend of AI model in the industry and its possible impact on people's way of living and working

    Work Case
    • Al Big model gets through inspiration to get the whole process of content distribution
    • The Al Grand Model speeds up the end-to-end research process in finance
    • Better organization of AI capabilities
    • "Intelligent transition" of society
  • Speech 2:《Motiff: the Thinking and Practice of AI in the Field of UI》
    Speaker:Zhang Haoran Motiff,Vice President

    Has the Age of AI arrived? Will AI disrupt production relations? Will AI replace designers? With the explosive development of AI technology, a series of problems have become a problem that everyone in the design industry needs to think about.

    Further, if AI is bound to revolutionize productivity, how will it revolutionize UI design? We've already seen some "exciting" tools to try: AI directly generates image footage, converts bitmaps into structured designs, or generates editable interfaces directly from large models with text narratives. Of course, we must also admit that there is a "gap" between product Demo and application in real production relations. Further, in what ways will these "gaps" in different directions be narrowed and made possible in the future? Or will there be unbridgeable gaps in some directions?

    To answer these questions, we may need to go back to first principles, think more deeply, and disassemble the entire production relationship in the field of UI design. In this speech, I will share Motiff's thinking on AI in the past two years. We will start from the production relationship, deconstruct the underlying problems corresponding to the designer's ability and product design needs, and then discuss the possibility of AI in it and the role it will play in the future. At the same time, we will also share with you the successful practice of using AI in the UI field of Motiff, and jointly interpret the future changes that these practices may lead to.

    The speech will include:
    1、Question: The impact of current AI technology on the UI field, and various assumptions about the future.
    2、Go back to first principles to disassemble, including our current disassembly of UI designers' ability and UI design work.
    3、Discussion: The role of AI in production relations, including the possible involvement of AI capabilities in production relations, and the interpretation of future AI development.
    4、Motiff: AI practices in UI design, and our thoughts on the future.

    Work Case
  • Speech 3:《AOP Gives Artificial Intelligence Wings to All Walks of Life》
    Speaker:Lv Tangjie Netease,Head of AI Technology at Fuxi Lab

    Although AI technology has made tremendous progress in the past few years, its capabilities are still limited by its inherent limitations in many real-world applications. For example, AI still has difficulty understanding complex human emotions, thinking creatively, or solving problems that require in-depth expertise. This requires us to re-examine the relationship between people and AI, and seek a new way of collaboration.
    Agent-oriented programming.

    AOP is a new programming paradigm, which models the ability of human and AI to achieve human-computer cooperation. The core concept of this programming method is"Agent". By combining the ability of agent with human knowledge, experience and judgment, we can solve problems more effectively and improve work efficiency, even create new value.

    In this talk, the speaker will explain the online task platform provided by netease FU XI: Intelligent Robot, participants learned how to better access and use AI technology through the platform and apply AI technology more skilfully to all walks of life.

    Work Case
    • Perceptual Modeling: Scene Digital Twinning
    • Netease Fu XI: Technology Impact
    • Man-machine collaboration-data closed loop-RLHF
    • Intelligent Robot: real-time man-machine collaboration online task platform
  • Speech 4:《The First Year Inspiration and Practice of AIGC Design Productivity》
    Speaker:Dong Tengfei Baidu MEUX,Product Designer

    In 2023, AIGC will drive accelerated transformation across industries, bringing more innovation and change that will usher in a new era of content creation and design. In this new era, AIGC's technology can help break through the limitations of artificial productivity and change the way people socialize and communicate, so that people can express their ideas and creativity more freely.

    For designers, this is an unprecedented opportunity. We will no longer be limited by traditional design methods, but will be able to use AIGC's technology to create more intelligent and personalized design works. This will bring designers more creative inspiration and freedom, and will also bring them more career opportunities and competitive advantages.

    In order to help designers better grasp the design thinking of AIGC, we will conduct a design debate under the new wave of AIGC technology.

    This course will integrate knowledge and practice, based on AI design and Baidu AIGC SaaS design application practice. Through this sharing, participants will be able to deeply understand and master AIGC design thinking from a career and work perspective, and you will be better able to cope with future design challenges and achieve greater success in your career.

    Work Case
    • Baidu AI creative business platform
    • Baidu AI co-creation program
    • AIGC Duka Creative Tool, Baidu
    • AIGC Duka Creative Tool, Baidu
Target Audience

1、Middle/Senior product Manager
2、Medium/Senior interaction designer
3、Practitioners interested in artificial intelligence
4、Practitioners interested in human-machine collaboration technology
5、Expect to introduce AI technology into the business of all walks of life practitioners

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the latest development achievements of artificial intelligence
2、Understand the practical impact and application process of AIGC
3、Learn a new way of thinking about technological innovation productivity
4、As a designer, how to better maintain competitiveness in the era of AI
5、Understand the impact of generative AI and AI large model related capabilities on human social development

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