Digitization Leads the Global Experience Economy
Digital Leadership Summit
  • Ge Feng Ge Feng Honor Head of UX Design Department

    I am currently the head of the UX Design Department of Honor, leading the user experience design work of MagicOS, an all-scene device of Honor. Adhering to the DESIGN concept of FLOW DESIGN, I take people as the center to create MagicOS that are intelligent, interconnected, ecological and understand you better. I used to be the head of Huawei Terminal UXD Beijing design team, the head of 360 mobile phone user experience Design department and the design director of EICO. I have been engaged in user experience design for 15 years, participating in and leading the design of mobile applications, intelligent terminals, sharing economy and intelligent cockpit of many domestic first-tier companies.

    Design is to creatively solve problems, make experience beyond users' expectations, provide natural and intimate services without increasing the burden of users, so as to occupy users' minds.

  • Huo Ran Huo Ran Alibaba Intime Retail Head of Experience Design

    I am the general manager of experience design of Alibaba Yintai Business Division, Master of Service Design of Polytechnic University of Milan, Guanghua Longteng Award of Top Ten Outstanding Young People in China's Service Design Industry, lecturer of Alibaba Design Week and IXDC International Experience Design Conference. I am responsible for the online and offline full-link experience design content of Yintai Meowstreet APP, MOS middle and background, local service, logistics cashier intelligent equipment, retail space and so on.

    Design philosophy: We firmly believe that comprehensive and systematic experience design thinking will promote social progress and development.

  • Wang Yin Wang Yin Universal Beijing Resort User Experience and Product Design Lead

    As product experience design lead at Universal Beijing Resort, I have led the team to complete 0-1 digital experience design of official APP, WeChat Mini-program, Alipay Mini-program, VR and park entry projects. I have ten years of experience design experience, five years of project management and team management experience, and have worked in leading internet companies such as Alibaba T-mall and Amazon China. I am committed to promoting innovative experience design in the theme park industry in the new digital era.

    Design philosophy: User experience first, focus on innovation, diversity, and efficiency, while focusing on the sustainability of the design.

  • Zhang Lulu Zhang Lulu Alibaba Cloud Experience Design Expert

    I am currently the head of design in digital manufacturing, automobile, electric power and retail industries of Ali Cloud, focusing on the design and research of enterprise digital intelligent transformation, and experiencing the promoters of intelligent transformation in traditional industries. I am the winner of WISI Champion Award in 2021, DIA Gold Award in 2020, and lecturer of Alibaba Design Inclusive Open Course. I am an honorary lecturer of 2021 Alibaba Design Week and the best producer of 2022 Alibaba Design Week.

    Design concept: The charm of twin design lies in helping enterprises and users to achieve penetrating management.

  • Anderson Anderson Pixso Head of Product Design

    I have been responsible for the experience design of hundreds of millions of market tools and have rich practical experience in designing systems and user experience measurement systems. I joined Booz Cloud Innovation in 2021 as the leader of the design team, and built the product vision, experience design and experience measurement system of the company's Pixso products from 0 to 1. I focus on the corporate vision of "better product design", constantly explore the best practices in the industry, and help more teams realize the upgrading of collaboration and working mode.

    Design philosophy: User experience drives industry growth, and product experience enables industry innovation.

  • Fang Zhenshuo

    Fang Zhenshuo Xiaomi EV Intelligent Cabin Design Director

    She is now working in the smart car cockpit in Xiaomi, exploring a new generation of smart car cockpit experiences. She is a former Tencent design director and a senior product designer at Google and Mozilla. She graduated from Tsinghua University and Carnegie Mellon University. Has more than 10 years of sino-american Technology Enterprises and management experience. She believes in design everywhere and is committed to promoting product innovation and design thinking. She has been a guest lecturer at in-house training for companies such as Google, Tencent, Huawei, Lenovo and General Electric, and a guest speaker at industry summits.

Digitization Leads the Global Experience Economy

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Session R3
Meeting room 三楼报告厅
Time 08/05 14:31-17:31
Type Summit
Language Mandarin
Direction Digital leadership
Introduction of the summit

At present, the digital wave is sweeping the world, and the digital and intelligent upgrading of traditional industries is unstoppable. Digital technology and digital economy are the first opportunity of the world's scientific and technological revolution, and a new round of international competition in key areas. In this case, enterprises are facing greater opportunities and challenges.

How to grasp the strategic opportunities of the development of digital economy in the information age, cope with the new challenges of industrial transformation, shape the new competitive advantages of enterprises, and seize the commanding heights of future development? In this digital Leadership Summit, the participants talked about the future and present of digital development and construction, displayed the excellent cases of enterprise transformation and upgrading, shared the successful theory of organizational change and forward-looking innovative practice methods, promoted the cultivation of digital talents with the framework of digital literacy, and described the new vision of enterprises in the future with the "digital pen".

Structure and Agenda
  • Speech 1:Ge Feng《Ge Feng《《Break the Boundary,Human-Centered Intelligent OS Experience Design》》》
    Speaker:Ge Feng Honor,Head of UX Design Department

    By integrating AI technology, MagicOS 8.0 realizes the human-computer interaction of intention recognition for the first time, marking the birth of a new generation of human-computer interaction revolution, creating a human-centric platform-level AI experience. This innovative operating system is used in the Honor Magic V2 RSR Porsche design, which won the GLOMO Best in Show Award at MWC 2024, becoming the first Chinese high-tech company to win this honor in five years, demonstrating its influence on the global innovation stage.

    This talk will explore how, in the new era of AI, intelligence can evolve and technology experiences can be empowered through design. The content will focus on intent-based interactive transformation and AI-enabled technology aesthetics, providing an in-depth introduction to the design thinking and exploration behind MagicOS 8.0.

    The main contents of the speech include:
    1. Intelligent evolution: from traditional human-computer interaction to intelligent human-computer interaction
    1.1 Three stages of human-computer interaction evolution: Discuss the changes of human-computer roles and design paradigms, and reveal the development trend of interaction design.
    1.2 The Next Generation Interaction paradigm: introduces the intent-based design paradigm and looks forward to the new direction of human-computer interaction in the future.
    1.3 Case analysis: Through the cases of Honor arbitrary gate and Honor Smart capsule, the application and effect of this paradigm are analyzed concretively.

    2. Science and technology aesthetics: AI enabled user emotional expression
    2.1 Concept and principles of system visual design: The concept and principles of system visual design enabled by AI are expounded, highlighting the combination of aesthetics and functionality.
    2.2 The ability to bring people a good feeling: Discuss the thinking of personalized emotional expression design, and emphasize the user experience in design.
    2.3 Case analysis: Through the cases of Honor Magic lock screen and Magic V Flip, show how to improve user emotional experience through design.

    Work Case
    • Ge Feng - Glory Magic lock screen
    • Ge Feng - HONOR Magic V flip Fashion change theme
    • Ge Feng - Honor arbitrary gate
    • Ge Feng - Key points of experience for intent-based design
  • Speech 2:《Digital and Real Integration Experience -- A New Battlefield of Digital Transformation of Traditional Retail》
    Speaker:Huo Ran Alibaba Intime Retail,Head of Experience Design

    With the huge impact of Internet retail on the physical industry, Intime department Store actively transforms and deeply integrates with Alibaba, bringing a brand new experience of digital and real integration. Facing the combination of online and offline consumption scenario, service scenario and operation scenario, experience designers put forward a new cross-scene design solution.

    Through many real cases, this speech will explain how the design team of Yintime solves the unprecedented 0-1 design problem in the industry with the design perspective of multi-end merging research, and perfectly combines interpersonal contacts, physical contacts and digital contacts. In order to bring the audience of the conference traditional enterprise wisdom transformation design new ideas.

    This speech includes:
    1、Characteristics of transformation design of traditional retail enterprises
    1.1 New changes of traditional man-goods yard design under the digital background
    1.2 Detailed description of Ali-Yintai digital and real integration design scope

    2、Experience design method of integration of data and reality
    2.1 Theoretical background and basic principles of digital-real integration design
    2.2 Research method of user behavior from physical interaction to digital interaction
    2.3 Penetration and integration of design policies on multi-terminal user experience links
    2.4 Case analysis of digital-real integration of Ali-Intime in shopping, service and logistics scenarios

    3、Enterprise transformation design precipitation and industry output
    3.1 Strategic significance of reuse of design precipitation from the company's internal design to output to the whole industry
    3.2 Differences and skills between 0-1 design and 1-N design

    4、Development prospects of designers on the new battlefield of traditional enterprise transformation

    Work Case
    • Brand meta universe mall image digitization
    • Brand NFT positioning transformation digital
    • Spatial interactive information digitization
    • Intime's digital in-store experience
  • Speech 3:《Innovative Design Creating New Experiences for Universal Beijing Resort》
    Speaker:Wang Yin Universal Beijing Resort,User Experience and Product Design Lead

    Universal Beijing Resort is utilizing technology to empower official applications and digital experience design, creating a new intelligent theme park and destination for vacationers. It aims to redefine fashionable vacation and entertainment experiences while setting new standards for experience design in the global entertainment and theme park industry. The digital design matrix of Universal Beijing Resort includes an official app, website, and official Alibaba and WeChat Mini-program, offering a multi-scenario online and offline integrated intelligent service design that allows guests to enjoy a seamless and convenient experience even before stepping out of their homes. With just a cellphone in hand, “A Blockbuster World is Just One Click Away”.

    The purpose of this presentation is to validate the theme of the conference by introducing the case of digital design in Universal Beijing Resort and to discuss the future trends of digital vacations. Designers attending the conference will be introduced to the application and value of digital technology in the vacation and entertainment industry, promoting innovation and development in the industry.

    1、Introducing the Digital Design of Universal Beijing Resort
    1.1 Overview of digital platforms
    1.2 Color design for Universal Beijing Resort

    2、User experience is paramount, emphasizing innovation, diversification, efficiency, and sustainability in design
    2.1 Providing comprehensive pre-visit gamification such as VR design.
    2.2 Streamlining the entry process with advanced facial recognition and wayfinding design.
    2.3 Creating a smooth park experience with intelligent park navigation design.
    2.4 Post-visit design and user research, upgrade the experience design according to user needs

    Work Case
    • Official APP
    • Portrait contrast
    • Garden navigation
    • Night-view mode
  • Speech 4:《Digital Twin Design -- Design Evolution of Industry Intelligent Transformation》
    Speaker:Zhang Lulu Alibaba Cloud,Experience Design Expert

    Today, with technology bringing huge dividends, traditional industries are also actively embracing intelligent transformation. Designers are also actively exploring and innovating theories. After integrating quantitative evaluation and intelligent technology, experiential thinking provides universal methodology support for intelligent transformation. We have served transportation, medical, industrial, retail, automotive, government... And other industries, in the team for many years on the basis of industry, how do designers understand the industry? How to do innovation for industry transformation? It will involve: industry systematic cognition, industry intelligent scenario definition, industry product incubation, technology expression paradigm.

    The details of this speech are as follows:
    1、Experience-driven intelligent scene mining
    1.1 Establish a systematic understanding of the industry through research: roles, stakeholders and processes; The existing model of the business.
    1.2 Assess the intellectualization degree of pre-existing scenes and match business demands through quantitative evaluation.
    1.3 Use intelligent technology to dig opportunity points of intelligent scenes.
    1.4 Case sharing: In the store project of Lianhua Supermarket, through sorting out the crowd, stakeholders and working process, the current inefficient work links are dug out, and the transformation of digital stores is carried out with intelligent technology. In the project of State Grid, experience consultation is used to reconstruct the traditional offline working mode, and digitalization and intelligence are used to improve the working efficiency and working experience of employees.

    2、Interpretability of technical expression paradigm-AI
    Under the new working mode, technology plays an indispensable role in the product incubation that drives industrial innovation. Designers should be the bridge between technology and users, and enable intelligent technology to have immersive experience and business insight.

    3、Digital twin design, design evolution of intelligent transformation of the industry
    Digital twin is a widely used technical means, digital twin design also expands the diversity of data and intelligent expression, decrypts the work flow of digital twin design and digital twin design paradigm. Cases involved: Three Gorges Reservoir digital twin, industrial digital twin, Asian Games project digital twin.

    Work Case
    • Past cases of digital twin design
    • Mining intelligent scene by intelligent evaluation
    • Digital twins construct three elements
    • Digital twin design -- Industrial digital twin
  • Speech 5:《Management and Value Innovation of Design Team in the Era of AI Collaboration》
    Speaker:Anderson Pixso,Head of Product Design

    Design is the most beautiful language of The Times. More and more enterprises take it as one of the core competencies to promote the growth and innovation of the organization. As design teams grow in capability and size, we need to integrate a complex array of tools into an efficient workflow. At the same time, we need to synchronize the design language to improve the consistency and standardization of the design, better manage assets and ensure information security.

    When designers are freed from the grind, design teams can be of greater value in areas such as design innovation, product thinking, and user research. In this presentation, we will share Pixso's practices in helping enterprises achieve efficient workflow, asset security and business value. In addition, we will present Pixso's latest exploration of enabling AI design in the context of the AI trend.

    The content of this speech includes:
    1、Three typical problems that design teams encounter during expansion

    2、Pixso's thinking and practice on these issues
    2.1 How to Create Efficient Workflow
    2.2 Enterprise asset management and information security solutions
    2.3 How does the tool help the design team explore business value
    2.4 Cases of enterprise landing integration

    3、In the era of AI, how can designers use AI to improve design efficiency

    Work Case
    • Management and value innovation of design team in the era of AI collaboration
    • API interface, achieve product and team process depth intercommunication
    • Evolution of design
    • Pixso helps enterprises achieve efficient asset management and reuse
Target Audience

1、Medium/Senior user Experience Designer
2、Middle/Senior project Manager, Product Manager
3、Practitioners interested in cutting-edge development of design tools
4、Responsible person and participant of enterprise digital transformation
5、Smart terminal industry designers, visual designers, interaction designers, dynamic designers

Participants Benefit

1、Understand the trend of experience design in the era of intelligence
2、Understand the real design cases, design processes and design effects of enterprise transformation
3、Understand how to optimize asset management and operation to improve the consistency of the design team and asset safety
4、Learn how to apply innovative thinking in design, and how to constantly challenge and break through their own thinking patterns
5、AI bonus and whiteboard function help enhance creative ability, go deep into business and customer needs, and create greater value

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