How to DO a Good Job in Designing the UX of Digital Products
  • Li Kairuo Li Kairuo Tencent IEG Senior Interaction Designer

    Senior interaction designer/IEG Growth Director, 8 years experience design experience in digital media, entertainment content, social networking, application tools and related fields. Worked in Xunlei and Jinji Technology. Since joining Tencent in 2019, he has been responsible for interaction design with the departments involved in Tencent esports, Tencent Animation, IEG traffic ecology, content ecology, etc. , it also serves commercial products with annual revenue of over 100 million, and has a deep understanding of the experience of different product types at each stage of industry development, and is good at summarizing its own practical experience.

    Design philosophy: an effective user experience depends on the design polish of the key behavioral paths.

How to DO a Good Job in Designing the UX of Digital Products

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Time 12/31 14:00-17:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

Digital transformation is a continuous evolution process from informationization to digitalization, and it is the deep integration of digital technology and Economic Society. In today's era, digital transformation is becoming a key force to reshape the global economic and social structure and change the global competitive pattern. China's digital transformation has entered a fast lane. It is also an important link to speed up the digitization of the society to promote the digitization of various scenes, such as shopping, tourism, travel, culture and entertainment. In the past, e-sports teams have been using the form of artificial planning, then for the context of digital transformation, we can provide what kind of service design?

This sharing, in conjunction with the Tencent e-sports SaaS project, starts from the user mind and design project management, through the study of different dimensions of platform-based products, has developed a proven methodology for experience design to drive business empowerment.

Designers will pay attention to the experience flow of the core link of zhongtai products, which can be divided into four design steps: insight-refinement-shaping-verification, systematically shaping the user experience; Thus improve business efficiency, and the value of the designer to play to the maximum, will become the highlight of this sharing. And the precipitation of this methodology, help designers better understand the user needs and product matrix, to protect the digital design assets brought about by precipitation and design manpower cost reduction and efficiency.

The sharing case mainly revolves around the e-sports events digital competition process user experience design to carry on the detailed explanation. Digital experience orientation, digital contact strategy, digital product definition and digital product design are all important factors of digital specialty, experience standardization, reble and efficient will be more and more prominent in the future zhongtai product design.

The main contents of this workshop include:
1. Digital platform-type products
1.1 background introduction of Digital Zhongtai industry
1.2 the design difficulty of digital middle station
1.3 the systematic design thought solves the start-up business predicament
1.4 the role of user experience designers in the digital platform product process

2. “Core Link” systematic design method
2.1 why the“Core Link” design strategy was chosen
2.2 insight-key information on product status and value goals
2.3 extraction-induction of core links and identification of design objectives
2.4 Shaping-three steps to optimize the experience of bility, business, and innovation
2.5 validation-a practical approach to bility testing

3. Design assets iteratively
3.1 component library in the middle of the advantages of the Taiwan product matrix-to keep constant, break through the design and front-end compatibility barriers
3.2 building strategy of component library-atomic disassembly method
3.3 the impact of design assets-the“Small-step, fast-running” of initial product iterations in the middle Taiwan matrix

Structure and Agenda

1、Warm-up: self-introduction and overview of the course content;
2、Design method and case sharing: explain design method and application with actual project
3、Practice exercise: group virtual exercise
4、Open Q&A: Free Q&A

Target Audience

1、Junior/intermediate, product experience designer
2、Junior/Intermediate, product manager
3、People who are interested in the digital transformation of entertainment content
4、Be a product experience designer in the field of mid-range products

Participants Benefit

1、Learn how to use a design architecture methodology that adapts to the business digital transformation and practice it effectively
2、Master how to refine the touch points of experience and validate the data for different roles in the platform-based products
3、How to achieve efficient design assets precipitation and design process management

video introduction
Work Case
  • Visual match Operation Configuration Middle Stage
  • Automatic location push mechanism
  • The derivation and analysis of business goal and design goal
  • Three evaluation dimensions of interactive experience design
  • Systematic design methodology
  • A case study of esports in Tencent
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  • Visual match Operation Configuration Middle Stage 16
  • Automatic location push mechanism 26
  • The derivation and analysis of business goal and design goal 36
  • Three evaluation dimensions of interactive experience design 46
  • Systematic design methodology 56
  • A case study of esports in Tencent 66
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