Perceived Value - How to Use Consumer Psychology to Promote Commercial Experience Innovation
  • Zhigang Zhang Zhigang Zhang Netease Senior Game UX designer

    Master of Shanghai Jiaotong University. He is currently a senior game interaction designer of Netease Leihuo UX user experience center and the keynote speaker of GDC Global Game Developer Conference. During his tenure, as the main interaction designer of forever forever forever, he created the popular product "forever forever forever" in the game market from 0 to 1. At the same time, he led the experience design of thunder fire game tools and the construction of the basic framework in this field, aiming to create a prototype tool for the game interface and promote the innovation of the R & D process of the game industry.
    Over the years, he has helped many products to experience design and iteration. He has a number of invention patents and participated in the book interactive design: Principles and methods. Deliver a speech at GDC Global Game Developers Conference 2022.

    Design concept: experience is a dynamic value measurement system based on expectations, and cannot only focus on a certain interface and a certain system.

Perceived Value - How to Use Consumer Psychology to Promote Commercial Experience Innovation

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Time 01/01 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
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Content Introduction

What are people attracted to?
How can you provide a positive experience?
How can we maintain people's interest in games?

The gaming industry values ​​the study of people.
Because the success of a game largely depends on whether the game can attract players. Game practitioners must deeply understand players and find ways to attract players.

We often receive various feedbacks from users. And for some points, the user will describe it in great detail. However, after changing it according to the user's idea, it did not satisfy the user. So, what exactly do users want? How can we find the real demand point? In the past two years, we have cooperated with the user research team and the project team, organized hundreds of tests, and obtained tens of thousands of test feedbacks. While processing these feedbacks and optimizing product performance, we have developed a set of effective information processing processes and demand discovery methods.

In this workshop, we take the commercialization of games as an entry point, and share a set of practical and feasible demand discovery methods by integrating the theory of consumer psychology. In the field of commercialization of games, game design has developed many novel forms. This workshop will take battlepass and unboxing as examples to describe the insight and grasp of human nature behind the design of game functions. Combining real cases and on-site actual combat, it helps user experience researchers and designers to grasp the key points in the vast feedback and needs, and can learn from similar situations to better exert and enhance the influence and value of design in the project .

This workshop mainly includes the following:
1. Understand the status : game commercialization
1.1 Current Situation of Commercialization of Game Industry
1.2 Design goals of game commercialization

2. Induction of thinking: analysis of game commercialization examples
2.1 A classic commercial design case in the game - battlepass
2.1.1 Fear of missing out - increase user stickiness
2.1.2 High Rewards - Stimulate User Conversion
2.2 Classic commercial design cases in games - out of the box
2.2.1 With small and broad - strengthen the high-quality surprises
2.2.2 Widely shared - social topics increase the spread

3. Value creation: insight into the essence and supplementary details
3.1 Summarize the problem in one sentence
3.2 Supplementary details of semantic expansion method
3.3 Design Implementation and Rapid Verification

4. Steady evolution: screening and refining feedback
4.1 Crying children have milk to eat
4.2 Data does not lie

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: mainly self-introduction and course content overview
2、Case analysis and method introduction: introduce the use of consumer psychology in games with actual cases, and analyze the reasons behind
3、Method summary: summarize and sort out several design methods and techniques commonly used in games
4、Practical part: choose a topic in groups and use consumer psychology to improve existing products
5、 Q&A

Target Audience

1、junior/middle UX designers
2、junior/middle product managers
3、operation managers

Participants Benefit

1、 Understand the psychological mechanism of users in consumption behavior
2、Master the design methods and skills to effectively trigger user consumption behavior
3、The application of practical consumer psychology in e-commerce and entertainment products
4、Inspiration for Internet product, entertainment, product operation and design students on the design direction of operation activities.

video introduction
Work Case
  • Game system presentation layer
  • Game system framework layer
  • Game system disassembly
  • Four goals of product design
  • System interaction evaluation map
  • Game commercialization map
  • Game profit formula
  • Game life cycle
  • Game commercialization case-treasure function
  • Game commercialization case - battlepass function
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  • Game system presentation layer 110
  • Game system framework layer 210
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  • Game commercialization map 610
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  • Game life cycle 810
  • Game commercialization case-treasure function 910
  • Game commercialization case - battlepass function 1010
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