Multivariate design - create cloud computing ecosystem from 0 to 1
  • Yang Yuwei Yang Yuwei Alibaba Cloud Computing Co. Ltd. Interactive Design Expert

  • Li Qian

    Li Qian Alibaba Cloud Computing Co. Ltd. Senior UX Designer

Multivariate design - create cloud computing ecosystem from 0 to 1

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Session I2
Meeting room 402A
Time 07/22 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Interaction Design
keynote content
Content Introduction

Compared with the traditional C-class ecosystem, the ecology in the cloud computing field is relatively more complex. The process of building Ali cloud computing ecosystem involves online and offline explorations and multi-terminal (PC-terminal / mobile-terminal) usage carriers, and is also connected with various role users. In this complex and staggered ecosystem, there exist multi-user role collision or crossing and coupling of different systems, such as the introduction of partners in various fields and the landing of businesses, the production and release of goods, the online purchases of customers and the offline sales, etc. and other complex links. These complex nodes generated by the interaction between multi-contact and diversified business forms are prone to collapse, but they are also more likely to cause the qualitative change of design innovation and experience upgrading, which brings more challenges to designers in design ways and modes.

This topic intends to share with you how we have brought practical value and influence in the process of building Ali cloud ecological chain from 0 to 1 through design thinking and trial; discuss how designers operate data-driven and service-oriented design thinking in the process of building cloud computing ecosystem, systematically optimize and upgrade important nodes of ecological links by "merging boundaries and connecting points to form lines", and provide fluent and smooth user experiences at various contacts, thus bringing greater value to ecology.
Explain the design rules and methods in the B-end ecosystem with the case of Aliyun ecology:
1. Systematic thinking, decompose ecosystem modules and architecture from a design perspective
2. Clarify the boundaries of system modules, explore new product/service modes through edge effects, and detonate qualitative changes of design
3. Starting from users' roles in B-category ecosystem, explore pain points and enhance experiences
4. Combined with the case of Aliyun Cloud Market, deeply analyze and explain the application and results of "edge design" in the entire ecological design.
5. "Design first" mode and design discourse rights

Structure and Agenda

1. Interactive discussion: what is ecology in cloud computing field? What user roles may be contained in ecology?
2. Characteristics and difficulties of ecological system in cloud computing field
3. How to use " edge" to design and produce design breakthroughs in the field of cloud computing ecology
4. How to design and empower the whole-link design in the ecological scene
5. Interactive link: brainstorming and design attempt in B-category complex module scenarios

Target Audience

1. User experience designers and full-link designers (including product designers, visual designers, interactive designers, user research engineers, etc.)
2. Those who wish to engage in user experience design or UXD design
3. Those who are interested in the design of B-end products

Participants Benefit

1. Learn about how to use "edge effect" for product design in complex systems
2. Learn about how designers make full-link designs in B-category complex scenarios
3. Analyze and explain the practice cases of ecological system design in cloud computing filed

Work Case
  • 杨煜炜 - 设计流程解构
  • 杨煜炜 - 全链路设计分析
  • 杨煜炜 - Marketplace Homepage
  • 杨煜炜 - Home Console
  • 杨煜炜 - Alibaba Cloud Partner
  • 杨煜炜 - Marketplace Mobile
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