Establish a Macro-micro User Experience Evaluation System and Develop Online Productization Tools
  • Fuchun Teng Fuchun Teng Meituan-Dianping Design Director

    He joined Meituan in 2015 and is currently the head of the Meituan Dajia Business Group Design Department and the Chairman of the Interaction Design Channel of the Meituan Review Design School
    Has more than 10 years of experience in the field of user experience, focusing on design team management, user experience design and evaluation.
    Leading the second-anniversary brand upgrade of Meituan Takeaway, the upgrade of the delivery-end brand, and the upgrade iteration of each anniversary version of takeaway, leading the formulation and implementation of the overall user experience evaluation method for the home business.
    Optimize the iterative Meituan interactive sequence capability model, and formulate and improve the Meituan Design College interactive channel learning map.

    Pursue constant attempts to continuously explore and improve the deep connection between user experience and business.

Establish a Macro-micro User Experience Evaluation System and Develop Online Productization Tools

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Session E1
Meeting room 301A
Time 12/19 14:30-17:30
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction User Research
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the rapid development of information technology and mobile Internet, more and more products have entered people's work and life, changing the way people behave and also bringing fierce market competition. In the competition of similar products, user experience has gradually become one of the core competitive factors. Enterprises continue to try to make users more loyal, gain better reputation, and attract more users by improving the experience, thereby reducing customer acquisition costs and consolidating market position . Meituan Takeaway, as one of the most commonly used Internet products, is constantly exploring the road to experience improvement. We continuously try to evaluate experience, discover experience problems, and explore the relationship between experience and business results, so as to help business insight users and better serve users.

This workshop aims to share the experience of Meituan Takeaway's experience evaluation in the past two years. Through the teaching method combined with practical cases, it helps user researchers, designers, and product managers to gain a deep understanding from macro business to micro products. The experience evaluation method of the interface jointly explores the practical trajectory of the relationship between experience and business results.

Specific content to be learned in the workshop include:
1、Theory and measurement tools for user experience evaluation
1.1 The value of user experience assessment
1.2 Applicability and execution strategy of user experience assessment in different stages of the business
1.3 User Experience Evaluation Model
· Satisfaction model
Five degree model
· GSM model
1.4 Common measurement tools and methods
User experience map
· Questionnaire method (user attitude data)
· Data analysis (customer complaint data; user behavior data, visit rate, retention rate, etc.)
Eye movement test
· E-prime experiment (reaction time, recognition accuracy, etc.)

2、Construction method and application of user experience evaluation system
2.1 Construction of a macro experience evaluation system based on the full-service perspective of the service
User experience map application
Interpretation and verification of multi-channel data
· Continuous iteration of the method
Exploring the relationship between experience and business results
2.2 Construction of micro experience evaluation system based on design revision goals
Selection of assessment methods for different design goals
· Detailed explanation of design project experience evaluation case

3、Construction of user experience evaluation and efficiency tools
3.1 Value of Productization Tools
3.2 Productization tool construction process
3.3 Implementation Effect of Productization Tools

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction: brief introduction of content
2、Explanation of concepts and methods: the value of user experience evaluation, an overview of the main evaluation methods and tools; detailed explanation of specific user experience evaluation methods: including model and method selection, evaluation system, indicator system and productization tool construction, execution process, data interpretation, etc
3、Case analysis: Combined with the specific user experience evaluation case of the Meituan Home Design Department, the macro and micro user experience evaluation process is explained in detail.
4、Practical interaction: designing user experience assessment programs in groups
5、Open Q & A: Free communication in Q & A
6、Summary review

Target Audience

1、Experience designer, interaction designer, user researcher for 3-5 years
2、Product manager, product designer, product operation for 3-5 years
3、Internet customer service, business analysis, business planning related practitioners

Participants Benefit

1、Understand how ToC products optimize and iterate on similar products to increase their own advantages;
2、Understand the implementation of user experience evaluation at different stages of the business;
3、Help business insight into users and establish strong connections with users;

Work Case
  • Amazing workplace
  • Food Festival Product Activities
  • Micro experience evaluation system
  • The change of NPS and the trend of user growth rate in this period
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