Dismantle business objectives to design and build competitive growth strategies
  • Wei Wang Wei Wang Meituan-Dianping User and Value Added Product Design Lead

    The current Meituan takeaway user and head of value-added product design. During his tenure at Meituan, he gained insight into user needs from a user perspective, created an efficient and smooth home dining experience, focused on user and revenue growth from a business perspective, and tapped growth strategies. 8 years working experience and 5 years design management experience. Before joining Meituan Takeaway, he served in Ali movie ticket business and Tencent CDC. He graduated from the School of Computer of Zhejiang University and the School of Creative Media of City University of Hong Kong.

    Committed to connecting businesses, merchants, and users, helping businesses and merchants better serve users, and fulfilling the mission of Meituan to "help everyone eat better and live better."


Dismantle business objectives to design and build competitive growth strategies

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Session F3
Meeting room 302A
Time 12/20 09:00-12:00
Type Workshop
Language Mandarin
Direction Design Thinking
keynote content
Content Introduction

With the development of the experience design industry, the designer's thinking mode, working mode, and industry mode are undergoing subtle changes, which also means that design thinking can be more widely used in more important strategic demands within the organization to achieve more Good business results .

The workshop will combine in-depth analysis of related cases in Meituan's takeaway business, focusing on the different development stages of Meituan's takeaway business in the nascent, growth and mature stages, and combining design thinking and business thinking to achieve commercial success. Through case studies , and on the basis of logical thinking, learn to build a set of design method systems within Meituan, from the theoretical and practical aspects, to explain how design thinking is combined with business thinking, and how to apply it to strategic demands and acquisitions. Business success.

The specific content of the workshop is as follows:
1、Objective-oriented overview
1.1 Goal-oriented sources
1.2 Core Business Needs
1.3 Means of meeting core needs

2、Objective-oriented design analysis method
2.1 Define goals
2.1.1 Establish the relationship of multi-level goals: define the qualitative goals of each level, and clearly describe the status and expected results of each level of goals
Upward business goals
Set down design goals
2.1.2 Clearly define the goals of each layer
Review current status and background: current status of business goals, current status of dismantling structure, current status of project goals, current status of design goals
Define expectations: Metrics and quantified goals

2.2 Dismantling structure: dismantling goals, exhausting implementation paths
2.2.1 The whole is divided into various elements to ensure that each layer of dismantling conforms to * MECE
Extracting disassembly objects from the target
Dismantle layer by layer for each disassembly object to establish the target structure

2.3 Positioning key points: Finding the optimal path to achieve the goal
2.3.1 Principle 80/20 (inputs and results): focus on the key few elements
2.3.2 Layer-by-layer analysis: use to establish the importance and improvement space assessment form
Relevance in terms of importance;
See the improvement space from the contrast and change;
2.3.3 Clarification of key elements: overall evaluation using value matrix

2.4 Mining strategies: design research, refine the optimal path
2.4.1 Clear research content: use the 6W3H rule
2.4.2 Select research method: desktop research, data analysis, user research, competitive product analysis
2.4.3 Extracting research conclusions
2.4.4 Refining Strategy

3、Achievement of upper-level goals
The designer accepts the upper goals upwards, finds the realization path of the goals downwards, and integrates into the company's goal decomposition and task distribution system

* Explanation: The MECE principle analysis method is Mutually Exclusive Collectively Exhaustive, which means "independent and completely exhaustive", which is the so-called non-repetition and omission.
ME: Do not repeat = The problems solved by the same layer are in the same dimension, that is, the subdivisions are in the same dimension and are clearly distinguished and cannot overlap.
CE: Don't leave out = The problems resolved at the same level are aggregated to equal the upper-level problems, that is, "complete exhaustion" means comprehensive and thorough

Structure and Agenda

1、Workshop introduction, ice breaking
2、Theme sharing and case analysis
3、Methodology introduction: goal-oriented design analysis method
4、Group practice: group exercises through virtual projects
5、Summary discussion: Questions and interactive links and activity summary

Target Audience

1、Junior and intermediate experience designers and product designers
2、Intermediate and intermediate designer
3、Product manager

Participants Benefit

1、Establish goal-oriented awareness and analysis methods;
2、The definition of the design goals is not clear, and solutions can be found to clarify ideas;
3、Understand the cooperation of multiple people to achieve the goal and ensure that the company's goal is achieved;

Work Case
  • 2017 design goals for takeaway user products
  • Takeaway user products 2017 design goals dismantling
  • Goal definition process
  • Design analysis methods that drive business goals
  • Transaction path transformation enhances dismantling of key elements
  • 2017 home frame refactoring
  • Meituan Takeaway 2019 Home Visual Upgrade
  • 2017 main transaction path upgrade
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